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Most shellfish are filter feeders, eating a diet composed primarily of phytoplankton and zooplankton; taking in minute creatures from the ocean floor by taking in water, and straining the food out of it as it is released.

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Q: What do shellfish eat?
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When can you eat shellfish?

What months are you allowed to eat shellfish?

Do vegetarians eat shellfish?

No. Shellfish are animals.

Why shelducks don't eat shellfish buried in sand?

they don't eat it because they can't get to it...but....they do eat shellfish!

Why don't shelducks eat shellfish buried in the sand?

they don't eat it because they can't get to it...but....they do eat shellfish!

What do shellfish and crabs eat?

crabs eat anything that is dead and shellfish eats fish

Is an octopus a shellfish?

They have no shell but yes they are technically shellfish. If you have a shellfish allergy you can't eat octopus.

Do walrus eat plant?

No. They eat Shellfish.

Can cats eat shellfish?

Yes, cats can eat shellfish once in a while, but too much can make them have dihareea.

I am allergic to shellfish. What kind of fish does not eat shellfish?

If one is allergic to shellfish, they are cleared to eat all regular fish. However, they should take care with eating sushi or other fishes, as there is sometimes shellfish residue.

Does shellfish eat seaweed?


Do walruses eat Arctic foxes?

No walruses only eat shellfish.

What do Australian bull ray eat?

most bull rays eat musscels, crabs, and shellfish. most bull rays eat musscels, crabs, and shellfish.

Is shellfish ok to eat when pregnant?

how could you tell if the shellfish was pregnant? lol, jk. I wouldn't eat shellfish if preggers. they are high in iodine, mercury and lately oil. not too good for the fetus

Is it safe to eat scallops during pregnancy?

You shouldn't eat any shellfish when pregnant. Shellfish filter toxins in the water which is stored in their systems. If you eat them, you can ingest toxins as well. That's why seafood restaurants post disclaimers about eating shellfish.

What do I need to do to prevent having a shellfish allergic reaction?

If you have been diagnosed with a shellfish allergy, do not eat shellfish or any foods containing shellfish. Be sure to read all food labels to be sure shellfish is not listed on the ingredients.

What crustacean do seals eat?


What seahorse eat?

it eats shellfish

What does Shellfish eat?

anything that they can find

Do shellfish eat plants?


What does a shellfish eat?

Most shellfish are scavangers, eating whatever dead matter can be found. Some eat plankton and anything smaller than them.

Do shellfish eat insects?

yes they eat krill and crab

Do crabs eat shellfish?

yes,they seafood & eat it

Can you eat shellfish?

yes you can eat shellfish even though it is full of bacteria and other unknown species it is still safe to eat them because when they get sent to stores the people clean them real nice and goo before they sell them to people so i think that it is very well safe to eat shellfish

What does the old testament say regarding shellfish?

It forbids the Israelites to eat shellfish (Deuteronomy ch.14).

What does a octopus eat?

Octopus eat crabs , shellfish , starfish , etc...