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The Smell of SkunksThe smell of skunks has been compared to burnt rubber.

I describe the skunk smell as a VERY bitter smell. It was not what I had expected when my dog came to me, sprayed. It is NOT gross like a rotten egg, or something that smells more sour like. It is better, and indeed you will never forget the smell of a skunk. It also stays quite long, is very strong, and indeed a very unique smell which I think you will not find on anything else.

Here is more input:

  • When they spray: putrid. The worst lingering smell you will ever experience.
  • Skunks don't really smell like anything else. They are pretty unique in that sense.
  • Interesting animals, skunks are. They're really quite mild mannered, and if you don't startle them or make them angry, they're happy to leave you alone. All they want from humans is the scraps of food that we carelessly leave laying around. They normally eat just about anything from frogs to bird eggs to whatever they can find in your garbage can. However, nature has given them a very effective means of self defense in the spray that they direct at an enemy. The spray is a chemical concoction manufactured by special glands in the skunks body. One of the ingredients is actually sulfuric acid, a very strong acid used for making car batteries and other industrial uses. To describe the smell of skunk spray is tough, as there's nothing in our daily lives that resembles it. It can, in very very small amounts, smell something like burned rubber. But, in larger quantities it is just indescribable. Once you smell it, you'll never forget it. It's very strong, and makes your eyes water and breathing difficult. It's very, very unpleasant to be sprayed by a skunk, which two of my dogs will swear to. Hopefully, you'll get a chance to find the answer for your question from a distance. And, remember, skunks are known to be carriers of rabies. If you're ever bitten by one, see a doctor immediately. Otherwise, they're really gentle critters who mind their own business. The only time I take action is if they decide to set up housekeeping under my porch. In that case, spreading mothballs around under the porch seems to chase them away. Mothballs smell to skunks like they smell to us.

Also in short here are 3 things they smell like is garlic, rotten eggs, burnt rubber.

Try taking a whiff of all three, a fun experiment to do at home.


A skunk died under my apartment, and without knowing what the scent was I described it as an onion microwaved inside of a rubber glove for 20 minutes on high. That is exactly what it smelled like.

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Possibly a skunk, because it smells so bad but skunks love the smell of other skunks the more they smell the more they like it.

Ferrets do not smell like skunks and the two are not related as previously thought. Ferrets have a slight musk odor not anything even close to what a skunk smells like. Skunks have a very bad putrid odor

Skunks. That's pretty much what they are.

To keep skunks away, throw out some raw garlic in your yard or where ever you are at. They do like the smell of garlic.

no but skunks spray chemicals that do, at perceived predators and the smell is notoriously difficult to get rid of.

who does, it smells like burnt rubber,rotten eggs, sewage,and garlic

The ecological niche of skunks is their smell, it is a stereotype.

Only Great Horned owls prey on skunks. They do it because owls have no sense of smell whatsoever. By eating the skunk they smell like skunk, the tree they live in smells like skunk, and even their baby will smell like skunk This repels other animals fom bothering them.

skunk smell... haha something like that.

No. A skunks perfume smells really bad. When you got the smell, bath in tomato juice. (This is no joke.)

Yes. Skunks HATE the smell of skunk oil. They try their best not to get it on themselves. Or on other skunks. If there is a chance the wind could blow the oil their way, they might decide not to spray at all. And believe me, they could tell if they got it on themselves. A skunks strongest sense is smell.

No, the spray is what makes the skunk notorious for the smell.

They may come in contact,but the skunks smell would be to much for the wolverine to handle.

Skunk spray, especially up close, is the rankest, most pugnant smell there is. It's like a decaying body mixed with burnt rubber.

Put moth balls around your garbage can. the skunks do not like the smell so they will not go anywhere close to your garbage place a few in the can and in the bag for exrta protection.

Skunks do not smell when the have not sprayed. The odor of a skunk does stay on them for weeks after they have sprayed.

Yes - the scent that skunks emit comes from a gland at the base of the tail - it has nothing to do with the seasons.

Yes, mothballs are known to keep skunks away. This is because skunks are usually deterred by the pungent smell of mothballs.

Skunks do use their tail to fan the smell however the stench comes from a gland located near the skunks rear end. Skunks move their tails to expose the gland.

yes, depending on how much they spray

yes because it sprays a nasty smell

as soon as it starts to stink

a skunks protection is smell they spray it at there enemy

because they make an unpleasant smell

Skunks reside in areas near nursing mothers. The smell of milk and infants comforts them and makes them feel secure. The sound of an infants cry is like music to a skunk.

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