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what type of small black lizard is it

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Do lizards eat hamsters?

no because the lizards is small and the tongue is small too so the lizards does not eat hamsters.........ok

Do small lizzerds eat leaves?

Lizards are carnivores. They eat only meat. Lizards are reptiles, and have scaly skin. Small lizards eat small animals like insects.

Can small legless lizards eat worms?

no lizards will not eat worms

Can scorpions eat lizards?

yes, they can eat small lizards, snakes and mice

What is it that baby black snakes eat?

pinkies and small mice small lizards,frogs,and anything that they can over power and consume

What does the lizard eat?

lizards eat small bug and small grubs

Do lizards eat small animals?

Well if its a small lizard (2-6 inches) then no but if its a really big one then yes they would eat small animals. Small lizards eat small bugs.

What small animals do porcupines eat?

small lizards

What do baby black rat snakes eat?

Baby Black Rat Snakes eat pinkie and fuzzy mice, small lizards, small frogs, crickets, grasshoppers, anything that they can over power and consume.

Do lizard only eat plants?

No they also eat small bugs. Some lizards eat other lizards!

What do whiptail lizards eat?

all lizards mostly eat the same such as crickets or other small insects

What do small tree lizards eat?

Normally they eat insects.

What do wild lizards eat?

Lots of things. For example, the lizards in the western US are small and they eat insects. Also, the iguanas of the Galapogas Islands eat only seaweed, and the giant lizards of the island of Komodo will hunt and eat a small pig.

What do baby Texas spiny lizards eat?

They eat small crickets and small mealworms

What did the megarachne eat?

small early lizards

Do lizards eat small bees?


What does the wolf snake eat?

Small lizards.


garden lizards eat small caterpillars and some eat leafy plants and many more.

Do lizards eat birds?

Some lizards do yes. But not all of them. Most lizards are too small to eat birds.Crocodiles, monitor lizards and komodo dragons are three examples of reptiles who will occasionally eat birds.

Do lizards eat bunnies?

Very large species of monitor lizards might eat bunnies. Most lizards are too small to prey on rabbits.

Do crocodiles eat lizards?

Only small gecko's even smaller NOT big lizards

Do Chinese Water Dragons eat other lizards?

They are capable of eating insects, small fish such as goldfish, small mammals such as "pinky" mice, and certain vegetation. Some people also offer small lizards such as anoles to their dragons as a food source. So to answer your question yes they will eat other small lizards. The answer to the question: Do dragons eat other lizards is NO, they do NOT!!!

What do taipans eat?

They eat rats, birds, lizards and small animals. Mainly small mammals.

What does the coati eat?

They eat insects, fruit, vegetables, small rodents, lizards, and small snakes.

Do anole lizards eat veggies?

no they eat small bugs and crickets

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