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What do spirals represent?

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Sprials are visible because of light reflecting our eyes in a certain way. Spirals are hallucinations, that our eyes perceive.

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cirlcle spirals lol im only 11

Why are mathematical patterns found in nature?

Yes, In Math There are Spirals. In Nature there are Spirals in Sun Flowers to.

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Varies between galaxies. Our spiral galaxy is medium sized, whereas there are small spirals, big spirals and absolutely gigantic spirals too. Same goes with elliptical and irregular galaxies.

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Do sunflowers have the Fibonacci sequence?

The seeds in the head of a sunflower can be seen to form two spirals: one going clockwise and one going anticlockwise; the number of these spirals round the head are consecutive Fibonacci numbers (the number of clockwise spirals being the larger).

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if you mean the shell.... it is made of calcium, it grows with the snail and gains whorls (the spirals) ..............similar to a tree, the more spirals the older the snail.

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Spirals are curved lines that grow bigger and bigger from the center. I don't know how to relate your question specifically to arts and crafts without further information.

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The three spirals found in nature are : 1. logarithmic (in nautilus) 2. fibonacci (in sunflower centre) 3. archimedean (in millipedes)

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shape-spirals,rods and spheres

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The Nautilus.

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They dont usually but if they do the wind.