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i just got two peepers and they eat fruit flies (if you have fruit flies they will get rid of them) leaves,small crickets and ants

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Q: What do spring peepers eat?
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Do spring peepers lay eggs?

Only the female spring peepers lay eggs.

Where do spring peepers get energy from?

from their food.

What is the main predator for spring peepers?

When Spring Peepers are eggs and tadpoles, they are eaten by turtles, fish, and aquatic insects. As adults they are eaten by snakes, birds, and bullfrogs.

How long can spring peepers live?

Up to 10 years

How small can a spring peeper be?

Baby Spring Peepers can be smaller than you pinkie finger nail!

What do Peepers eat?

try crickets

How do spring peepers hunt?

Peepers, like most frogs, are ambush hunters. They wait for prey to come close enough and they grab it with their sticky tongue.

Why do spring peepers only call in the spring?

Because they die when it gets to hot and cooled so they stay in there nests until it is spring again.

There are small frogs all over our lawn what kind of frogs are they?

spring Peepers

How do spring peepers find mates?

well spring peeper frogs make a noise to attract other lonely mates

Why are spring peepers endangered?

They are endangered due to pollution and deforestation. Poor froggies! Stupid, selfish people! :)

When was Peepers created?

Peepers was created in 1977.

How do spring peepers protect themselves?

The Spring Peeper since it is a tree frog climb into trees and since it is a brown frog it can blend in with the trees bark. An adaptation that the Spring Peeper has to make is staying low to the ground as an adult

What is the Spring Peeper's habitat?

A woodland habitat is what Spring Peepers (Pseudacris crucifer) favor.Specifically, Spring Peepers like to stay close to the ground. They prefer to stay around small bushes and shrubs near the breeding pond. They tend not to climb high up in the trees that nevertheless characterize their favorite woodland haibtats.

What are Spring Peepers?

Among the first frogs of spring is what Spring Peepers (Pseudacris crucifer) are in Canada and the eastern United States of America.Specifically, Spring Peepers may range in color from straw to rusty orange, olive, gray or brown. They tend to have dark bands around their hind legs and a dark line that runs from eye to eye in addition to the characteristic dark "X" across their backs. They have well-developed toe pads which help get them along the ground, around small bushes and through breeding ponds. But what they are most known for are their aggressive "purrrreeeek" and their pure-tone "peep" calls in spring, late summer and fall.

What is the duration of Mister Peepers?

The duration of Mister Peepers is 1800.0 seconds.

When did Mister Peepers end?

Mister Peepers ended on 1955-06-12.

When was Mister Peepers created?

Mister Peepers was created on 1952-07-03.

Do frogs eat ticks?

Some guy from down south on another site says they do. He said he lived on a lake, and when the spring time frog peepers came out, the tick population went away. Be nice if this was true, because I can't find much that eat ticks except guinea hens, and who has those?

What are the release dates for Peepers - 1999?

Peepers - 1999 was released on: USA: 1999

What animals do cane toads eat?

anything that they can swallow however if you have one as a pet you should feed it Crickets, Mealworms, Dubia roaches, earthworms, small frogs that are not toxic (such as young bullfrogs, spring peepers, green tree frogs,etc...),pinkies and fuzzies.

What actors and actresses appeared in Peepers - 2014?

The cast of Peepers - 2014 includes: Laura Grey Jordan Klepper

What actors and actresses appeared in Peepers - 1999?

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Do the bobcats eat in the spring?

Bobcats have to eat all year round, which includes the spring.

What do Chinese eat on spring festival?

The Chinese mostly eat rice when on the Spring Festival.