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"it meens you like stars"

Alot of the Star tattoo's are Nautical stars, It seems A LOT of people now a days have no clue the meaning behind them but get them done to be trendy/cool.

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Q: What do star tattoos mean?
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What is the meaning of star tattoos?

the meaning of star tattoos most likely mean your from hoover

What does star tattoos behind the ear mean?

nothing its just cute

What do star cluster tattoos mean?

it means that u r sexy

What do three stars on the thumb web mean?

Star tattoos are very popular among sailors. Three star tattoos could be an indicator that the person, or a family member, is a sailor.

Billie joe Armstrong star tattoos?

Billie joe Armstrong star tattoos what

What does a northern star tattoo mean?

Star tattoos do not have a particular meaning. The meaning of the tattoo can vary from person to person.

What does a blue star tattoo on the front of each shoulder stand for?

Star tattoos don't generally mean anything.

What do nautical star tattoos on your breast mean?

good luck. when red, they might mean that the person is an enemy of the state in certain countries [its the communist star].

What do hollow star tattoos mean?

What does a 5 point star tattoo, with all the tips filled in, but the center empty mean/represent?

What is the history of star tattoos?

Star tattoos In the past have been a symbol of sailors/merchant marines. Nautical stars have certain meanings such as guidance, as do plain five-point stars. A six-point star is a symbol of the Jewish faith as well as an East Coast gang symbol. (A five-point star can mean this as well.) Bottom line: a star can mean anything you want it to.

What do star tattoos by the eye indicate?

Star tattoos near the eye are gang symbols. Teardrop tattoos near the lower corner of the eye indicate you have killed someone.

What do blue and gold star tattoos mean?

That the person who gets it likes stars and the colors blue and gold...

What is the meaning of 2 nautical star tattoos on your chest?

The meaning of 2 nautical star tattoos on your chest can mean a number of things. There are no standard meanings for tattoos, it is up to the person getting tattooed. Often nautical stars are used as symbols of moving forward, or of being able to follow your path.

What do star tattoos symbolize?


What tattoos where to be on Jews?

star of david

Where can one get star tattoos done?

There are several US based tattoo shops where one can get a star tattoo. One can get star tattoos from the All or Nothing shop located in Georgia. One can also get star tattoos from Alternative Arts tattoo shop in North Carolina.

What does it mean to have star tattoos on your knees?

According to the movie Eastern Promises it means you do not ever bow down to anyone.

What does a star tatto behind a female ear mean?

Star tattoos may have several meanings, or may be just for decorative purposes. A star may symbolize goals, astronomy, or birth.

What does star tattoos down forearm mean?

The meaning of a star tattoo down the forearm could mean a number of things according to the individual. One thing it could mean is a feeling of hope or trying to reach for their goals.

Do star tattoos symbolize homosexuality?

Not all star tattoos represent homosexuality. Some lesbians have historically used a nautical star or purple star tattoo to represent their sexuality without breeders really knowing about it.

Can a Straight do a tattoos in his Wrist as a Star or a cross?

Word your answer a little more clearly. Do you mean a "Straight" as in heterosexual, Straight Edge?

What does a purple and black nautical star mean?

Nautical stars are popular tattoos. The nautical star was originally a symbol for sailors but in present times, despite color, they do not have a meaning.

What is the difference between black-red and Black-blue star-tattoos?

Simple one is a black-red star and the other is black-blue star. The only difference is the color.

Why do women get star tattoos over their ovaries?


The illustrated mum by Jacqueline Wilson which of the mother's tattoos represent her two daughters?

The tattoos of a star and a dolphin represent her two daughters because their names are Star and Dolphin.