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What do star tattoos on the inside of someone's wrist mean?

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βˆ™ 2009-10-20 07:01:21

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I was told that people who do heroin do that to themselves to be able to see their vein easier.

-- First of all, people who inject heroin do it in their forearms, not their wrists. Second of all, I think the majority of people get star tattoos on their wrists because they like how it looks.
2009-10-20 07:01:21
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Q: What do star tattoos on the inside of someone's wrist mean?
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What do tattoos of names on the left wrist mean?

Tattoos of names on the left wrist mean that someone was important. Names that are tattooed on the body are very important names to these people.

What do the tattoos on Joe Johnson wrist mean?

They are the names of his mother on one wrist and his son's name on the other wrist.

What does a strawberry tattoo on your wrist mean?

That you like strawberries. Or strawberry tattoos, anyway..

What does Lisa Marie Presley tattoos mean?

Was told the ones on her wrist are her childers zodiac signs

What is the meaning of love tattoos on your wrist?

"Love" on your wrist is for Suicide Awareness. There are also variations that mean the same thing. A heart, double heart or both heart and the word love.

What do tattoos of doves mean?

Doves mean hope,peace and pure, they also stand for someones spirit that has been released from earth and is on its way to heaven

What does a tattoo on the wrist of a name placed upside down mean?

Nothing. Very few tattoos have a universal meaning anymore.

Can a Straight do a tattoos in his Wrist as a Star or a cross?

Word your answer a little more clearly. Do you mean a "Straight" as in heterosexual, Straight Edge?

What do cross tattoos on the wrist symbolize?

A cross tattoo on the wrist means that you are a Christian A cross ANYWHERE on a person, does Not always mean they are Christian! Some use/wear it as just another piece of jewlery.

What does multiple dollar signs tattoos under the eye mean?

I think it has no particular meaning, I think it is just someones idea of an original tattoo.

What does a tattoo of a star on your wrist mean?

The lesbian wrist tattoo is a very cheap uninformed cliche. When you see a tattoo on someone's wrist that does not mean they are a lesbian or bi. If you do your research, you'll find that old sailors were the first to have star tattoos on their wrists symbolizing the North Star, as many were superstitious, and saw them as a way to insure finding their way home. This evolved into a metaphor for finding their way in life. If you google "punk rock" in conjunction with wrist tattoos, you'll find another interesting story of how the wrist tattoo is used as a symbol in that culture as well. So to wrap it all up, I don't think that judging someone as gay or lesbian just because they have a wrist tattoo is appropriate. Maybe that person straight or gay just wants to express themselves and be able to cover it up with a watch when they get to work. Hope this helps! Also during the 1950's and 60's before tattoos had achieved mainstream acceptance, wrist tattoos, especially those depicting stars, were closely identified with the gay and lesbian communities. And although times have changed and the old associations have almost disappeared, it's worth being aware of the history of these tattoos before you proceed with your design. (This paragraph from

What does a star tattooed on inside of left wrist mean?

= Answer = In the state of Ga it means that you been to jail.

What is AN stamped inside a diamond ring mean?

It may be the trademark for the name of the jewelery company it's from or perhaps a certain someones initials.

What is the inside part of your from your wrist to the base of your fingers?

If you mean bone structure these small dice shaped bones are carpels and meta-carpels.

What does it mean when wrist watch moves on wrist?

it means it is too big on you

Does emley osmend have tattoos?

Do you mean Emily Osment? No, she doesn't have any tattoos.

What do ankle tattoos mean?

There is no specific meaning behind ankle tattoos. This is just a place where people can put the different tattoos.

What do wizard tattoos mean?

they mean facatchasdfhd;slfj

What tattoos symbolize perserverance?

The Koi fish is used as a symbol of perseverance for tattoos. Turtles are also great for tattoos that mean perseverance.

What is the meaning of star tattoos?

the meaning of star tattoos most likely mean your from hoover

What do airplane tattoos mean?

That the person likes airplanes, but if the tattoos are on his genitalia, then well, he has a fetish :/

What do fang tattoos mean?

Fang tattoos are a warning to others that the person with them are emotionally unstable

What does braking someones back mean?

It means that you have broken a bone or a part in someones back.

What does the twisted snake tattoo on a womens wrist mean?

Most likely nothing at all. Most tattoos are meant as decoration solely and a lot don't have "meanings". It could be meant to be a piece of jewelry since it's on the wrist, a cuff piece to a sleeve, a representation of the serpent from the Bible who tricked Eve, who knows really.

What does the idiom a slap on the wrist mean?

The idiom a slap on the wrist refers to a trivial punishment.