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What do starfish feel like?

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They feel quite gracefully across the surface, and is soft (mushy?) to the touch.
They feel quite gracefully across the surface, and is soft (mushy?) to the touch.
They feel quite gracefully across the surface, and is soft (mushy?) to the touch.

2008-04-28 22:33:44
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When do starfish mate?

when they feel like it

What does the texture of a starfish feel like?

it is smooth like skin. but some are rough. most likely it is smooth though. it depends on the type of starfish you feel

Do starfish have fuzz how do they feel to the touch?

Starfish are not fuzzy like most mammals. Starfish come from the animal kingdom echinodermata meaning bumpy skin. Starfish feel bumpy on their doral surface.

What does a starfish feel like and what does a starfish do when you touch it?

a starfish has 5 legs however under it has got 500 legs it feels ruff

What does a starfish feel like?

nasty all slimy when it is in the water dry when out

What is starfish skin like?

does starfish have limbs? what is starfish skin like? does starfish have limbs? what is starfish skin like?

What does the starfish feel like?

The armour of a starfish feels very rough but once you have the starfish on your hand there are little tentacle with suction cups on the end that will stick on your hand and it will tickle a little bit.

How do starfish feel?

they have nerve cords

How can a starfish feel things?

they have feelers in the bodom of them

What is your interest in starfish?

I like starfish because some arw colorful. I like starfish because some arw colorful.

What helps a starfish move feel and eat?


What does a starfish look like?

A starfish looks like a star, of course that is how they got their name.

What do star fish look like?

Starfish look like stars ,becuse they are starfish.

What does the starfish look like?

a starfish looks like- * they are bumpy * they are different colours * they have teeth

Why are starfish shaped like a star?

Starfish are shaped like stars because of their names.

What is the function of the stomach on a starfish?

Like the stomach on any other creature, the stomach of a starfish has to store food that the starfish has eaten.

How does a starfish behave?

A starfish behave s very silenty like they are dead.

Are leeches and starfishes worm like?

Leeches are substantially more "worm-like" than a starfish. Starfish are nothing like a worm.

Is a star fish a fish?

No, a starfish is not a fish. Here's my reasonThe definition of fish is: Vertebrates with fins and tails.A starfish isn't a fish for these reasons.Starfish are Invertebrates.Starfish do not have tails, they have appendages like you and I.Starfish don't have fins.

Are starfish aggressive?

No, Starfish don't do much. Starfish lie on the bottom of the ocean floor, Although they are like suction cups they can suction to you hand. No aggression I see in a Starfish at all.

What is raising young like for starfish?

Starfish, or sea stars, don't care for their young.

What do a starfish look like?

Starfish are ment to fly, heads up and touch the sky.

Is a starfish endangered?

Starfish are not on the endangered list. However, starfish like other marine animals depend on a healthy ocean environment to survive.

What is a leather starfish?

A kind starfish that feels very smooth, it also smells like garlic... i don't know why its called a leather starfish.

Is the underside of the starfish smooth?

The underside of a starfish has many sucker like legs that the starfish uses to walk over the ocean floor - it is not smooth.