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They are the same thing. sodium chloride is the chemical name for the substance commonly called salt.

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Is potassium chloride salt?

Potassium chloride is a salt, but it is not common table salt.Common table salt is sodium chloride.

What is NaCl?

Sodium chloride, or table salt.Sodium Chloride (Salt)Na - SodiumCl - ChlorideIt can be also known as salt, common salt and table salt.

Is common salt and sodium chloride the same?

yes, common table salt is sodium chloride.

What are the common names for sodium chloride and sodium carbonate?

sodium chloride: table salt, or common salt sodium carbonate: washing soda

How does sodium chloride get on the table?

Uh...tip over the salt shaker. Sodium chloride (NaCl) is common table salt.

Example of sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride is an example of a common table salt.

What is a common name for sodium chloride?

Salt. Table salt, or common salt.

What is the scientific name for sodium chloride?

NO: salt The scientific name for table salt (NaCl) is sodium chloride The common name for sodium chloride is salt

What is the notation for common table salt?

Common table salt is known as sodium chloride. NaCl

What is sodium chloride name?

Sodium chloride is the chemical name for common table salt

What is the result if sodium chloride was burned?

Sodium Chloride, common table salt, will not burn.

Sodium chloride another name?

Sodium chloride is common salt, table salt, edible salt, halite, rock salt.

What elements are in table salt?

Well there are two elements in table salt. The formula for common table salt is NaCl, which is sodium chloride. The two elements are sodium and chlorine.Table salt (sodium chloride, NaCl) contain sodium and chlorine.

Is salt an acid or base?

If you mean common table salt (sodium chloride), then neither. Sodium chloride is neutral.

Whats the use of sodium?

Sodium Chloride which is common table salt

How do you make the low sodium from sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride, NaCl, is common salt or table salt. Low sodium salt is generally made by mixing sodium chloride with potassium chloride, thereby reducing the amount of sodium in the salt.

What is the common name for sodium?

The common name for Sodium Chloride is table salt. But salt and Sodium are not the same thing. There is no real "common" name for Sodium itself, but I assume you mean Sodium Chloride.

Another name for Sodium chloride?

Common salt or table salt

What is the nature of common salt?

Table salt is sodium chloride (NaCl).

What salt has the formula NaCI?

Sodium Chloride - or common table salt.

What is the state of sodium chloride at room teperature?

A solid Sodium chloride is common table salt

Sodium chloride is the name for the common what?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) is the chemical name of the table salt.

Is sodium chloride salt or sugar?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) is equivalent to table salt, edible salt, common salt, rock salt, halite.

What compound is used as salt?

Sodium chloride is table salt. Another common salt is potassium chloride.

What common uses does sodium have?

The most common use is in table salt (sodium chloride).

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