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Depends on the teacher's agreement. In some places the salary is spread over 12 months. In others they get paid during the time they work. In some systems they can chose which way they want to be paid. Some teachers spend the time with their families. Some teach summer school or work in summer programs through camps, schools and universities. Others will take a course or two to work toward a master's degree or to get required Continuing Education Credits. I know one high school teacher that spent the summer building blast furnaces. He laid fire brick on the inside of the furnaces. He claimed to make as much during those three months as he did during the rest of the year. Teachers are also responsible for building a portfolio of credit hours to satisfy the needs of local, state and federal Standards Boards. It is up to teachers to carefully log, reflect and document each conference, workshop or community service they participate and link it to the State standards for teachers. (Think AMA for educators) .This requires an incredible amount of time and many teachers use the summer months to complete this work. Teachers are constantly fighting of the impression that they don' work for their pay in the summer. As mentioned above, many teachers receive a paycheck in the summer those funds are from hours they have already worked. The school withholds their pay so they get paid for 36 weeks. (The district also gets the interest on their money...nice for them.) A recent study of the amount of time teachers on academic pursuits and requirements of the profession when not teaching was significant. The study calculated that between the amount of hours working to prepare for students and keeping up with credentialing the total amount of actual "vacation" they received was about three weeks....about as much as other workers in the workforce.

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Q: What do teachers do in the summer and are they paid for those months?
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How do teachers get paid for the summer months?

both my brother and sister are teachers in Florida. Teachers there, have the option of getting paid on a 9 month salary or 12 month salary. hence, if you get paid on a 9 month salary, you get more in your paycheck, but don't collect any paycheck over the summer months. A teacher who is full time, salaried, and under contract does not and cannot collect unemployment for the summer months.

Do teachers get paid during the summer?

Yes, they do.

When do teachers get paid?

usually teachers get paid every month or so.

Do teachers get paid on maternity leave?

yes teachers are paid on maternity

Who much do elementary teachers get paid a week?

Teachers don't get paid weekly, but they get a yearly pay and a monthly check based on that yearly salary. Out of that check comes the taxes, teachers retirement, and money saved for the summer months ( many people think teachers get paid for not working, but they are only getting their own money back). Yearly pay is based on the number of years teaching, number of college units, special credentials, and college degrees. Base pay averages about 32,000 a year up to 53,000 a year.

Why do teachers get paid so little?

It depends mostly on where they are at as to how much they get paid. And one thing people seem to forget is that they work 9 months of the year and most spread the pay out over 12 months.

How much money do teachers in North Carolina make?

Starting salaries for North Carolina teachers is $29, 673. NC Teachers do not get paid during the summer months so with such a lower starting salary, teachers need to be mindful of that. website: I would also like to point out that the average salary a month for a North Carolina teacher, according to the above answer, is $2,472.75. ~natasha.the.drummur~

Did colonial teachers get paid?


How much do teachers get paid a year?

Teachers in the United States are usually paid about $25,110 per year.

Do teachers get paid for sick days?

Teachers ideally should get paid for sick days. Teachers are usually paid on a contract which includes sick days but this may vary with private schools.

What do teachers get paid a hour?

It varies by school and state. In English State Schools, those for most of the child population, the teachers are paid an Annual Salary but this is divided into 12 parts so that they are actually paid monthly. Most Private Schools tend to use that system too.

How much does a beginning teacher get paid?

Teachers get paid 60k. But beginning teachers get paid around 40 to 50k a year! Have a fun time!

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