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That they like them or would like to go out with them stuff kinda like that but if you are already dating then i am not quite sure sorry if i can't be of more help.

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What do girls want to hear from a guy?

Girls want to hear that they are on a guys mind every minute, they also want guys to say that they are beutiful, not sexy.

Why do guys like to hear a girls heartbeat?

Because they want to know how a girl's heart would beat for them.

What do teenage guys want from girls?

Depends totally on the guy. Some want sex others actually want to have a relationship based on feelings for each other and personality.

Is it true 80 percent of teenage boys leave teenage girls over pregnancy?

using the computer and hearing stories it is true that many guys leave girls when they are pregnant. They dont want the responsibiliy of being a dad.

What is it that most girls want to hear from guys?

That they're mature, handsome and responsible That they make the guy feel special.

Why do guys get girls' attention?

the guys want the girls to notice them

Do teenage girls like small guys?

I'm a girl and I would probabally just want him to be taller then me...mostly it's just the personality

What are some things you should never say to a guy?

guys don't want to hear about a girl's past boyfriends guys dont want to hear that they are weak guys don't want to hear the word love to soon in a relationship (unless they are already using it themselves) guys don't want to hear anything when their team is about to score

What do teenage boys look for in a girlfriend?

Different guys like different types of girls; some want a sweet and caring type, others want some bad girls who drinks and smokes and whatnot. Same with the looks.

Why do guys want to know what girls do at sleepovers?

There is a big relationship between male and females, and there are many differences. Teenage boys want to know what girls like, what they do, and their secrets. They want to know what the little secret things that girls do at sleepovers ( though of course it's not that amazing to us). I am sure that you would want to know what guys do at sleepovers too. Its just one of the things about females, males and their interaction.

How do you know if im bisexual?

If you prefer girls and guys. If you are attracted to both girls and guys. If you want to date both girls and guys. Then you are bisexual.

Why mostly teenage girls like to sneeze a lot?

I think they want to attract attention to all the males around them. Because teenage girls want all males to see their appearances and teenage girls also want to feel some sexiness of the girls aroma. That's the reason why girls nowadays are absolutely irritating compare to last time.

How do guys take advantage of teenage girls?

Most teenage girls haven't been in a serious relationship so guys will take advantage by manipulating them into thinking everything they feel or say is wrong. Guys will date younger girls because they are dumb and haven't had the head games yet so therefore men can make them feel that they can't do better and make them feel they are the one. My advice is to date but not date seriously until you know who you are and what you want.

Why do guys think that girls a retarded?

because girls are better then guys and they don't want to admit it.

What guys want?

Girls that are hot

What do girls want to hear?

'i love you' ? :)

What do teenage boys think are hot in teenage girls?

First of all teenage boys think constantly about teenage girls. We just want good looks and a smiling face too and style also matters.

Do guys prefer if you make the first move?

Some guys want girls to make the first move but those are the guys that are cocky and only want to have a lot of girls after them. Guys are more into the chase.

What part do guys want girls to touch?

guys want girls to touch them anywhere that the girl can touch as long as it gives guys a boner.....guys just like being touched by a girl

Why does teenage girls don't want to share their father?

share what?

Are there schools for teenage girls that want to be spies?

Yes but they are secret

What do girls mean to guys?

guys want to have sex with them and have baby's DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Why do girls find guys attractive?

girls find guys attractive because it is someone to hold and cuddle gives girls what they want. :)

Why do girls try to watch Guys pee?

Maybe girls try to watch guys pee for the same reasons guys want to watch girls, to sneak a peek.

What is Girls want to be you and guys want to be with you from?

The Move the Hot Chick