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Mostly, they are just an account number. Some of the digits, however, are "check digits." That is, they come from some mathematical formula being appled to some of the other digits. That makes it near impossible to simply make up a string of 16 digits that are a valid credit card number. Of course, the location of the check digits and the formula which generates them are carefully guarded secrets.

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Q: What do the 16 digits on a visa card mean?
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Related questions

How many digits are there in a visa card?

there are 16 digits on a visa card

How many digits has a visa card?

16 digits.

How many numbers are on a visa debit card?

There is only one card number in a visa debit card. It has 16 digits

How many digits in a credit visa card code?


How do you tell a visa from a master-card by the card number?

Visa cards start with digital "4" and have a total of 16 digits Mustard's also contain a total of 16 digits but start with digital "51","52

How many digits show on a credit card?

It depends on the credit card. Visa and Mastercard both have 16 digits. American Express has 15.

Example of a visa credit card number?

starts with a 4 and it has 16 digits

What number on your visa is your card number?

It's the long number (16 digits) printed accross the centre of the card.

How can you tell if a credit card number is a Visa card number?

"There are several ways to tell if a credit card number is a Visa card number or not. First, Visa numbers always start with the number 4. They are also usually 13 or 16 digits in length."

How many numbers does a credit card usually have?

A Visa and/or Mastercard will most likely have 16 digits. Most Visa's start with the number '4' and Mastercards with the number '5'. Gas cards, department store cards, debit cards can have anywhere from 7 digits to 16 digits.

How many digits are in a visa credit card?

usually 16 digits.. expiration date underneath it after your name.. and their may be a 3 digit security code on the bank of the card by the strip line.

How can a person find out their visa card number?

The visa card number is the 16 digit number running across the middle of your card (4 groups of 4 digits). You may also find the number on your statement.

How many numbers are on a credit card?

The number of digits on a credit card varies by the issuer, however, ISO standards for credit cards call for 15 or 16. Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards have 16 digits. American Express cards have 15 digits.

What do they mean by card number on a Visa card?

The 16 digit account number printed or embossed on the card.

How much digit does a ATM card have?

There is no fixed number of digits for an ATM card number. It can differ from bank to bank. Some banks have 10 digits in their cards whereas some follow the international VISA standard and have 16 digits. As long as the card is able to serve its purpose of ATM transactions, the number of digits does not matter.

How many numbers are in a credit card number?

It would depend on the Credit Card type. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are 16 digits American Express is 15 digits Diners Club is 14 digits

What numbers does a visa card usually have?

Usually, a visa card has 16 numbers.

How many digits in account number of the ATM or cash card?

Debit cards, credit cards have 16 digits. Usually a "plain" ATM (without the visa/mastercard logo) has fewer.

How many digits is a visa number?


How many digits is a visa credit card number?

16, usually. Although I hope you're not going hacking with that. XD

What is a code of visa how many numbers?

16 Digits:)

How many numbers are in a credit card?

Visa begins with 4 16 digits Master " " 5 " Discover " " 6 " Amex " " 3 15 digits

How many digits does a valid credit card number contain?

The number of digits in a valid credit card can change depending upon the type of card. Mastercard and VISA use a 16 digit system, while others including American Express use a 15 digit system.

How many digts in credit card?

Technically zero, as there are no numbers in the word "credit card". Otherwise, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, nearly all major companies have 16 digits. American Express on the other hand, have 15 digits.

Does a credit card code have 16 digits?

no its the last 4 digits on the front and back of the card