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its a hooded clansman with raised eyes made of silver i think, its has the markings kkk, then underneath that is the year 1867

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The silver, elongated arrowhead pin has been said to represent a lynching, although the validity of this claim, and of the pin itself, is often challenged.

i dont know wat a roblox pin is so....

It is a sandwich that has been flattened slightly, then rolled up like a Swiss roll, then sliced into rounds to look like a "pin wheel".

Its a black book with a mockingjay pin on it.

Like little brown balls the size of a pin head.

You can look at some of your favorite websites or search for things you like in Google images.

it looks like a sand castle and it's in the mine

My experience is that it constricts them, making your pupils look like pin dots.

The KKK doesnt pin point jus African Americans like alot of people think they do. The KKK was brought about to expedite peoples that didnt want to work and live off the government that didnt want to take care of their kids or families and that didnt believe in the christian faith. All they wanted to do was keep their families safe from people that caused harm around the places they lived. Yes there are some people that just hate people but that doesnt mean that they are members of the KKK. There are black people that don't like whites, Mexicans, asians and more, anybody can hate anybody.

u go on account and look for pin number or password and change it!

Every like Thursday a pin comes out and you have too look for it around the whole of club penguin, press it and you got it. wow i played this like YEARS AGO omg but yeah lol :B

Ships wheel with a hydroplane across the bottom

You don't, you simply cut your hair or get a wig.

It looks like a bunch of tiny bubbles bunched together, kinda like foam but the bubbles are about the size of a pin head.

The best way to identify an old fraternal pin is to check online. Look for any marks, like names or symbols that can be identified.

To remove the shift knob on the 1999 Olds Intrigue look for the pin that is holding the knob in place. Remove the pin and pull up on the knob, replace kob and pin.

The pin is golden colored and circular, and has a mockingjay inside a ring of gold. There are a few illustrations on the book covers that may help shape the image.

It depends on what the day is. The pin changes every two weeks. You could always look up on google "club penguin cheats" and then look for a pin tracker. They tell you where to find the pin whenever a new pin comes out.

Dahlias come in many forms. Single, double, pin cushion, cactus, etc.

Im pretty sure the answer your looking for is a blow fish or otherwise kwown as a puffer fish there are probably many other sea animals the look like a pin cusion but this is the only one i know

One of the first cameras ever created was a pin hole camera. It was a box completely sealed with just one tiny pin hole on the front of it to allow exposure.

Find the CP-Cheats Site and Look up Club Penguin Pin Tracker.

There are two types, a 25 pin male to 25 pin female, and the most common, 25 pin male to a Centronix, which is what printers use. There are 25 pin cables that is not are not printer cables, but they are very uncommon. Almost all the time when someone refers to a parallel cable they are referring to a printer cable, which is a 25-pin to Centronix cable.