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Q: What do the 1uc 1 and 1 uc 2 messages mean when i make a phone call?
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What does star 67 mean on a phone?

blocks your caller id when you make a phone call

What does a call to a cellular phone number that gives this subscriber cannot receive messages at this time mean?

Depends on the network. Probably the phone is switched off or out of antenna range.

What does it mean when cell phone says voice mailbox is full?

it means you have to call the phones voicemail (usually just call the number pertaining to the phone) (e.g. if your number is (305) 000-0000 , you call that number with the phone it pertains to, and listen, and delete the messages (voice mails) of the phone. hope this helped.

What do you mean by broadcast message in networking?

my phone is broadcast messages how do i get rid of it on my phone

If you call her she always picks up the phone but she doesn't reply any of your text messages then what does that mean does that mean she doesn't likes me?

Either she can't text... or she doesn't want to.

What does call to Domestic on cell phone bill mean?

on my phone bill it appears domestic call what does it mean?

What is the mean in phone call?

what is the + sign for in a phone number

What does give you a call mean?

The phrase, give you a call, means to give you a phone call, or in other words to phone you.

How can you use a mobile phone for bullying?

You can texting mean messages to people which is cyber bullying.

What do text messages on a cell phone mean?

a text message on a cell phone means someone texting another person

What does cmp on facebook mean?

Call my phone .

What does it mean when your cell phone bill shows calls as an incoming call?

An incoming call is a phone you that you receive when someone calls your phone.

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