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What do the Amish believe in and what do they do on a daily basis?



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The Amish believe in God. They follow the rules of the Ordung. They read from the Bible and go to church every Sunday. The Amish is a religion.

On a daily basis they do house cleaning, baking, cooking, farming,farm chores, eat, read, the children do schoolwork, sew, knit, make quilts, milk cows, shovel snow, yard work, sell goods, gardening, and visit friends.

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Answer2: The Amish are descendants of a group of 17th-century Anabaptists. Their name derives from their leader, Jacob Amman, who lived in Switzerland. From their study of the Bible back then, these God-fearing people recognized that infant baptism and military service were wrong. Because of their stand, the government persecuted them. A few even paid for their religious conviction with their lives. Persecution continued to increase, and a number of them were forced to flee to other parts of Switzerland and to France. By the middle of the 19th century, thousands had fled to the United States. With them, they brought their culture and the Swiss German dialect.