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anything they can get there hands on! They eat whale bluber, whales, lots of fish, and lots of meat!

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Q: What do the Arctic people eat?
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Why won't people in the Arctic eat penguin?

People will eat anything. This is probably a reference to the fact that penguins aren't native to the Arctic.

What did Arctic people eat?

whale meat

What fish do the arctic people eat?


What did the arctic tundra people eat?

they eat the animals like fish

Do polar bears eat the arctic fox and do the arctic fox eat the arctic hare?

Polar bears don't eat Arctic foxes, but Arctic foxes do eat Arctic hares.

How do the arctic people cook their food?

How did the squamish people eat?

What do people eat in the arctic tundra?

They try to eat very warm food, they also hunt for fish and animals in the Arctic tundra.

What did the arctic people eat?

whale meat and lots of fish

What eats an Arctic lemming?

Snowy Owls, Arctic Foxes, Arctic Wolves, and other birds of prey. People dont eat them, but they hunt arctic lemmings for their fur.

What food do people in the arctic eat?

They eat mainly what they can get there hands on like:whales,lots of fish and meat.

What do arctic people eat?

Whale blubber, fish and lots of meat!

What animals eat snowy owls?

arctic foxes wolves and people!

Do Arctic foxes eat Arctic wolves?

Yes, but rarely because they mostly eat small animals and stay away from them.

Do Arctic wolves eat Arctic foxes?

Not normally.No, Arctic wolves do not eat Arctic foxes.

What did the arctic eat?

Nothing at all. The Arctic is a region and therefore does not eat.

Where does an Arctic fox eat?

The Arctic fox will eat any where that there is food.

Can the Arctic fox eat fish?

Yes, Arctic Foxes eat fish.

What do arctic bees eat?

Artic bumblebees eat the arctic vegetation which includes arctic poppies, arctic roses, and arctic willows. These bumblebees have dense fur to prevent heat loss.

What would eat an Arctic fox?

Polar bears would eat an arctic fox.

What does the Arctic fox's prey eat?

Most of the prey of the Arctic fox eat plants.

Does the Arctic fox eat hawks?

No, Arctic foxes do not eat hawks. They primarily eat ground nesting birds.

Do Arctic ermines eat moss?

No, they are strictly carnivores and eat no plants.

Where would they eat in the Arctic?

Most people mistaken the arctic isn't just snow and ice. It actually has stores like McDonalds and Wendys.

What birds eat penguins in the Arctic?

No birds eat penguins in the Arctic. Penguins do not live in the Arctic. Penguins are found in the Southern Hemisphere.

Do Arctic hares eat lemmings?

Arctic Hares do not eat Lemmings nor do they eat any meat. Arctic Hares are herbivores which means they only eat vegetation. Lemmings are also herbivores.