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The site linked below has old photos of the Chinookan people.

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What type of houses did Chinook Indians live in?

houses that look like European houses.

What was Chinook Indian traveling like?

Chinook Indians traveled in canoes that were carved from cedar logs.

The region that includes the Chinook and tillamook Indians?

The region that includes the Chinook and tillamook Indians?

What did the Chinook Indians eat?

Chinook Indians staple food was salmon.

How do Chinook Indians harm are environment?

Chinook Indians do not harm the environment.

What kind of music did Chinook Indians like?

Drumming and singing.

Do the Chinook Indians fish in canoes?

The Chinook Indians use hollowed out log canoe.

What is the percentage of Chinook Indians that like fish?

Probably a great deal of them.

When did the Chinook Indians meet white men?

1830 something like that.

Where did the Chinook Indians live?

the Chinook Indians live in Oregon, Washington, and along the Columbia river.

What arts and crafts did the Chinook indians make?

The Chinook Indians were great wood carvers. Their projects or crafts were built of wood. The Chinook Indians are original people of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

What houses did the Chinook Indians live in?

Chinook Indians lived in long houses made of cedar boards.

How did the Chinook Indians take a shower?

Before modern times Chinook Indians bathed daily in a river.

What is the name meaning for Chinook Indians?

The Chinook Indians take their name from the village they lived in on the Columbia river.

What does the Chinook flag look like?

it is a representation of their most used food source, the Chinook salmon

Did Chinook Indians and white settlers get along?

The chinook indians and the white settlers got alng by trading with eachother

What weapons did the Chinook Indians use?

the Chinook Indians used bows and arrows spears and anything they could get their hands on.

What did the cheyenne Indians look like?

They look like indians

How do the lenape Indians look like?

they look like a indians

Why are the Chinook Indians famous?

The Chinook Indians are famous because of there amazing canoes that they built and there amazing bare grass baskets!

What tools did the Chinook Indians use to make canoes?

Woodworking tools like an adz.

What landforms did the Chinook Indians have?

the chinook indian lived in rocky land forms

Pacific Northwest Indians?

the makah indians, kwakiutl, chinook.

Chinook Indians weapons?


What did the Chinook Indians drink?