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The Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of Jewish religious and secular documents, many of them dating back to pre-Christian times. There is no irrefutable reference among the scrolls to Jesus. There are references to cryptic persons such as the "Teacher of Righteousness", but there is no evidence that the Teacher, or any other person mentioned in the scrolls, is meant to be Jesus.

Nevertheless, some scholars have sought to find evidence about early Christianity among the scrolls. For example, Robert Eisenman (The Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians) sees a possible reference to Jesus in the Damascus Document, and believes "Teacher of Righteousness" may have been James the Just.

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Q: What do the Dead Sea Scrolls say about Jesus?
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No. There are some parts of the scrolls that are either difficult to read or are so fragmented that it is impossible to make out what the words say. However, the vast majority of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been properly identified and translated. The Israel Museum in Jerusalem has an interactive website where you can examine some of the more important scrolls and see their translations. There is a link below.

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