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European wear clothes like Americans they just don't wear certain clothes because they have different beliefs

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What kind of clothes do europeans wear?

they wear pretty much the can type of thing.

Do Europeans wear lederhosen?

Lederhosen are part of the traditional costume of Bavaria in Germany, but are hardly worn by anyone, so very few Europeans wear lederhosen.

What types of clothes did the Europeans wear?

The types of clothes that the Europeans wear are similar to what the rest of the world wears. Most of the fashion trends are believed to originate from Europe.

What do Cypriots wear?

Cypriots wear Western-style attire, just like other Europeans.

How did the Inuits help the Europeans?

the Inuits helped the Europeans by telling them the right clothing the wear and the ones who didn't died

What do Turkish men wear?

Turks dress like Europeans.

What does Turkish men wear?

Turks dress like Europeans.

What type of clothing do they wear in Portugal?

The same as other europeans.

Do europeans wear short skirts?

Some do, some don't.

What did Europeans wear?

leather boots

What do men and women wear in Africa?

they wear clothes like everyone else they mostly wear the same things as europeans and americans do

What do Germans wear in Germany?

Pretty much the same clothes that all Europeans and Americans and Canadians wear.

What did the Europeans wear?

Since they were mostly nobility they would wear fancy clothing . Just think of kings and queens in Europe !

Why do People wear gown and cap for graduation?

It is a type of clothing made by Europeans.

What finger do men wear the wedding ring on?

In the US, third finger , left hand. Some Europeans wear it on the right hand.

What do Italian men wear today?

clothes ---- They a lot also tend to wear PUMA clothing... PUMA seems to be popular to Europeans (Italians).

What do the Swiss people wear?

Swiss people wear what people wear in every western culture country. They're sometimes even more up-to-date then some western Europeans.

What type of clothes do Europeans wear?

Normal clothes such as jeans, hoodies, T-shirts, jumpers

What does an average person wear in Kenya?

Many Kenyans today wear clothing similar to that of Europeans or Americans, however traditional African clothing is not uncommon seen.

What do early europeans wear?

depends how early i suppose a tunic and a tunic and trousers in winter and mabye a cloak

What do Canadians wear?

Canadians wear the same things Americans wear for the most part, our fashion is influenced most by Americans and Europeans. It also depends on the weather, we wear similar winter clothes as Americans as well as similar summer clothes.

Do you wear your engagement ring on the right hand?

In Western culture the wedding ring is on the left hand. However, many Europeans will wear their wedding rings on their right hand.

What type of footwear did first europeans of north America wear?

The first Europeans wore flip-flops and wooden clogs and some made of beaver pelt. And they used the First Natives as pets.

What do teenagers in Canada wear?

cloths. Depends on their location and culture. Generally similar clothes to Americans, Europeans and Asians.

What clothes did Chinese miners wear on the Goldfields?

The Chinese wore red dresses and had plaits which was very weird to Europeans.

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