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What do the French eat for a snack?

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I am currently studying french and we are on unit 6 french food. the french don't have too many snacks but when they do they enjoy fresh fruit such as apples, bananas, Oranges etc. or they eat pastries or they eat biscuitts. i hope this is a help.

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What is the most common snack food the French eat?

french fries

What do French people eat for tea time snack?


How do you say i eat a snack in french?

Je mange un goûter.

What do french eat in breakfast?

Much the same things we do, with french recipes; this does not include things such as french toast, that is a snack.

What language do Nova Scotia people eat?

Most of us eat English. Some of us eat French, and a few eat Gaelic (but only as a snack).

What is a aspect of a healthful snack?

There are many healthy snack a person can eat. You can eat a healthy snack like fruits or veggies.

What is the French word for snack bar?

French uses the English expression, but they spell it with a hyphen: le snack-bar.

How many meal does a french person eat a day?

Dear americans, Bonjour! we eat 5 meals per day breakfast , per lunch , lunch snack, dinner merci (thank you in french)

What is the french word for snack?

snack --> le goûter or le casse-croûte

Is the phrase light snack an idiom?

Yes, light snack is an idiom. You cannot eat a light as a snack! :)

Is popcorn a healthy snack to eat on a diet?

Popcorn can be a healthy snack to eat on a diet if nothing is added to it for flavoring.

Where do French people go to have a snack?


Is french toast a snack?

It can be, but I like it for breakfast.

Do americans eat french toast for breakfast?

If they want to, in New Orleans it is called 'pain perdu' - eaten at breakfast, as a desert or an afternoon snack

What is the healthiest snack to eat?


What is the healthest snack you can eat?

a apple

How many calories should you eat for a snack?

it depends on the person and how much excersice but generally you should eat about a 200 calorie snack

What is a healthy snack to eat while dieting?

A healthy snack to eat while dieting is fruits. That fruits you can eat can be apples, grapes, and oranges. You can even eat vegetables, such as the healthy carrots.

What should you eat for snack?

Not cheatos if you are on a diet, they are the least healthy snack bags I know of a doughnut

What cannot eat food but enjoys a light snack everyday?

Green plants. They "snack" on light. A "light snack". REALLY bad pun.

A snack that starts with the letter f?

French fries!

What does casse croute mean?

in french it means snack

What do Mesopotamian people like to eat for a snack?

The Mesopotamian people liked to eat various things for a snack. In most cases, they would eat fruits and small animals which they hunted.

What do hamsters love to eat for a little snack?

They love to eat their own food but only give them one or two as a light snack. They love to eat cheese, apples, and carrots.

What type of animal eat the Hyenas?

Lions eat hyenas for snack

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