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Q: What do the United Kingdom Sea World and the story of Pinocchio have in common?
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What percentage of the world land does the united kingdom take up?

The United Kingdom takes 0.04 % of world land.

How has the culture of the United Kingdom influenced the rest of the world?

the way that the united kingdom influence the rest of the world and the are the one that started

The united kingdom is located in which region of the world?

The United Kingdom is in Europe, probabley north-west

Is the united kingdom a failed state?

The United Kingdom is not a failed state but a first world state.

United kingdom economic system?

The United Kingdom is a First World country with an industrialized economy. It is the sixth largest economy in the world.

Which of the World War 2 leader was the leader of united kingdom?

Winston Churchill led the United Kingdom.

Where does greyhound dog live?

Greyhounds live all over the world, but are especially common in North America and the United Kingdom.

Where is the world's most expensive diamond in the world?

united kingdom

Was Roosevelt president of the United Kingdom in World War 2?

No he was the president of the United States, Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War 2.

When did the United Kingdom got involved with World War 2?

the United Kingdom got involved with World War 2 on the 3rd September 1939.

What is the population density of the united kingdom?

The population density of the United Kingdom is 676 people per square mile. The United Kingdom is the 53rd most populated country in the world.

Most expensive country in the world?

united kingdom

What is the oldest active prison in the world?

It is in the United Kingdom.

Which is the worst police force in world?

United Kingdom

Who were Russias allies in World War 2?

The United States and the United Kingdom.

Who has the strongest army in the world?

Russia, United Kingdom, China, United States

What type of government did the United Kingdom have during World War 2?

The United Kingdom has been a Parliamentary Monarchy for centuries.

What is the motto of Oxford Academy United Kingdom?

The motto of Oxford Academy - United Kingdom - is 'Learning And Leading for the World of Tomorrow'.

Why did English spread worldwide in the 20th century?

Because of the largest worldwide empire in the world, the British Empire. After World War II, the United States took over as the world's formost superpower encompassing the United Kingdom even if the United Kingdom is victorious. But the United Kingdom did not lose her status as a superpower.

How do you beat Monstro in Kingdom Hearts?

You have to find Riku to get back Pinocchio. You encounter him like 2 to 3 times. Then, you have to defeat the boss of that world and your out.

When did the united kingdom join world war 2?

The United Kingdom declared war on Germany at 11am on September 3rd 1939.

Is there a World War 2 word that starts with an you?

United states or united kingdom....there are more

Is England a third world country?

No. The United Kingdom is a First World country.

Is the UK a third world country?

No. The United Kingdom is a First World country.

Where in the world are hookah bars common?

Hookah bars are common in many countries around the world. They first originated in India and from there, spread into Iran, Turkey, and Egypt. Additionally, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Russia, and the United States also have many hookah bars.