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This varies widely, from absolutely nothing up to millions of dollars on anything she wants. It really depends on the parents.

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Can brides and grooms pay for their own wedding themselves?


Who pays for a wedding?

Traditionally the brides parents..but whoever is able to pay!

How do you usew customarily in a sentence?

Customarily, the brides parents pay for the wedding.

Do the brides parents always pay for the wedding?

No. Sometimes the bride's and groom's parents split the cost or the bride and groom can pay for the wedding themselves.

Who pays for the brides maid dresses?

The bride usually pays for it but if they use a lot of money on the wedding you would pay for it if you were the brides maid.

Who pays for the weddings on your fair wedding?

In my country,both the sides -brides and bridegroom will pay for it.

Why do some brides pay outrageous amounts of money for a wedding dress?

Good question. Some brides are rich and treat money like it grows on trees.

Are the brides parents still responsible to pay for the wedding when the bride has been living with the groom for years and has a child?


Why do the brides parents pay for the wedding?

It is traditional ettiquette for the bride's parent to pay.The bride's parents pay for everything except the rehearsal dinner, which is paid by the grooms parents. Now, tradition has changed much, it is not a requirement for only one set of parents to pay. It has now become a contribution.

What is a wedding dress designer?

wedding dress designer is who create dresses for brides to make brides beautiful and elegant in their weddings.

Does the brides name or grooms name go first on a wedding registry?


What is a brides maids duty in a wedding?

there duty in the wedding is to help out the brides any way possible and to comfert the bride on her big day

What are some differences between a Jewish wedding and an Islamic wedding?

Islamic brides "cover up" more than Jewish brides.

What are wedding websites used for?

Wedding websites is for brides or brides to be to get more information about what kind of wedding decorations or anything to do with the preparation to the wedding. Its good to have some new ideas to help you go through this transition.

Who pays for wedding reception?

Usually the brides parents pay for the wedding. This has become controversial in today's times and not to mention a bit out-dated. Now couples usually pay for themselves, or the each set of parents help out equally

Whose name goes first on a wedding invitation the brides or the grooms?

The Brides. The Brides name goes first on everything

Do the groom's parents pay for the wedding flowers?

There are no particular rules regarding this, despite the list in the wedding books. You should discuss costs of the wedding with your intended.Where as it is tradition of the brides parents to pay for the entire wedding (this includes wedding flowers) the grooms parents may offer to pay for something such as wedding flowers. It may seem rude to reject such a generous gift. With that said, there is no obligation for the grooms parents to pay for anything.AnswerIf either set of parents wishes to pay for any portion of wedding expenses, they will offer it to the couple. Unless/until that happens, the couple is on their own.

What do Muslim brides have to wear on there wedding?

Muslim Brides wear any coloured dress/Lengha.

How much did the average wedding cost in 1950?

Some weddings cost as little as $250 in 1950. Todays wedding costs have skyrocketed with most brides spending more on a wedding dress than brides did for their entire wedding in 1950.

Why do brides wear lingerie under their wedding dress?

So they get laid on their wedding night

Do the brides parents give a gift to the bride and groom?

Most of the time, the Bride's parents pay for the vast majority of the wedding, which in itself is a huge gift. Additional gifts are often given, but aren't expected. If they did not pay for the wedding, then yes, a gift is expected.

What do Hindu brides wear at their wedding?

They wear saris

Who pays for the brides wedding dress?

Bride or her parents.

Who came to the witches wedding?

the Brides' Broom

Why did Prince William not where a wedding ring?

Traditionally in Royal marriages only the brides where wedding rings.