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The buds on the limelight hydrangea look like small ovals with pointed edges that are focused away from the plant's stem. The buds emerge in the spring and are often pruned to increase flowering in certain areas of the plant.Ê

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What is the genus name of hydrangea?

Hydrangea is the genus name of the Hydrangea plants. You can tell because when you look at the scientific names of the many species of hydrangea they all begin with Hydrangea _______. Example, Hydrangea Macrophylla (the most popular form of the Hydrangea.

What do your taste buds look like up-close?

flower buds

What bush grows blue flowers that look like pom poms?


How big do breast buds get?

Breast buds are not very big. I have breast buds and they look like mosquitos bites.

What do buds look like when they start to grow?

Little buds between bigger leaves.

What do rose hips look like?

They look like little round green buds.

What do taste buds look like?

Little bumps that are on your tongue.

What do the alfalfa look like?

alfalfa's are a plant with purple flower buds

How do trees protect their buds in winter?

Most tree buds are covered with very small, modified leaves, which look like scales. These are nature's answer to the problems buds have with cold and drying out.

Does hyacinth and hydrangea have the same meaning?

No. They are both different types of flowers. They look simalar but a hyacinth looks like a bunch of bells.

What do Peacock Orchid buds look like?

bis small testubes pirates cococockws

What are the lumps on the back of the tongue?

Those are taste buds, slightly raised and larger than the rest, and can look like blisters, but they're just taste buds.

What kind of plant looks like artichoke?

I personally think that artichokes look like big flower buds!!

What do swollen taste buds look like?

nothing in particular the just kinda look like little red dots on ur tounge but they hurt quiet a bit

What plant has dense clusters of tight green flower buds that look like miniature trees?


What does an ounce of weed look like?

Green buds fitting perfectly in a regular ziploc bag...

What are some examples of shurbs?

All shrubs have stems that look like wood. Something like a tree except smaller. Some of the most popular shrubs are; Lantana, Hydrangea, and Rose plants.

How do you get your marijuana plants to produce buds?

look at it

What could red bumps on the tongue be that look like small round burns?

They're taste buds. Magenta

What looks like cabbage and grows in stalks?

Brussell Sprouts look like a cabbage on top but the buds on the stem is the part most people eat.

What do the buds look like when they start to grow?

it depends. most are about the size of a peanut, and can be green, pink, yellow, white, and many other colors.

How does tissue paper or cotton buds look after wiping your nose with it?


How can a teen with breast buds make them look bigger?

Wait a few years.

How do you tell that you have male weed plants?

A male gross balls where the new parts of the plant as a female grose what look like new leaves but will grow into buds

What do cats have on their tongues?

Cats have taste buds on their tounge. Although it may not look likep taste buds, it is. Cats have rather strange looking taste buds, because they have a strong scence of taste. Also, different animals have different looking tounges.

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