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What do the colours of the Bulgarian flag signify?

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The white strip is said to stand for peace, love and freedom; the green the agricultural wealth of the county and the red the struggle for independence and the courage of Bulgaria's wealth. World Book's Encyclopedia of Flags, p 24

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What do the colours on the Bulgarian flag mean?

green, red and white

What does the colours of the Turkish flag represent?

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What colours are in the Bulgarian flag?

Green, white and red. (Not in any particular order...)

What colors are on the flag of Bulgaria?

The Bulgarian flag has the colours white, green and red arranged in horizontal bands. This flag was first adopted in 1879 when Bulgaria gained their independence.

What does the Bulgarian flag colours mean?

White - for the purity of the Bulgarian nation and history Green - for the land, for the valleys,mountains,hills and fields Red - for the blood that has been spilled by the nation for it's freedom

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