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Q: What do the dark and bright fringes on the screen of ripple tank represent?
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Why there are dark and bright fringes on the screen of ripple tank?


What is sustained interference pattern?

sustained interference are those in which the position of bright and dark fringes are fixed on the screen.

What is meant by fringe width?

Fringe-width is defined as the sepration between two consecutive dark or bright fringes on the screen.

How is ripple measured?

Usually with an oscilloscope which shows a graph of the voltage, and then the peak-to-peak ripple voltage can be read off the screen.

How do you check ripple voltage in an alternator?

Connect an oscilloscope and check the screen for a smooth constant ripple pattern at high revolution and low revolution.

Does the samsung intensity have a flashlight?

no, but it does have a very bright screen

What does contrast mean for your tamagotchi?

How bright the screen is (the black on the white)

What is the discovery of Thomas Young about light?

thomas young carried out his (double slit experiment) where he discussed the interference of light waves using monochromatic light . the 2 slits act as 2 coherent sources which emit light with same amplitude frequency . interference fringes appear due to superposition of light . this experiment is also used to determine the wavelength of monochromatic light. from the relation y=wavelength*distance between 2 slits /distance between the 2 slits and the screen where the fringes appear . where y is the distance between 2 successive bright or dark fringes.

Why does light produce a pattern similar to an interference pattern when it passes through a single slit?

This phenomenon occurs due to light's wave-like properties. Via diffraction, the bending of light wave about an obstacle, the light wave will interfere and exhibit dark and bright fringes on a screen as a result of this interference.

What does it mean when your computer has bright flashes of light shoot across the screen and then it dies?

When bright flashes of light shoot across the screen of your computer and then it dies, it means you are about to spend a lot of money.

What are the release dates for Scene It Bright Lights Big Screen - 2009 VG?

Scene It Bright Lights Big Screen - 2009 VG was released on: USA: 17 November 2009

How do you bright screen on Lenovo 420 laptop?

Lenovo has bad screen brightness. I have Lenovo G480 the screen is not bright even on power plug with maximum brightness setting. I should test the screen brightness before buy it. I have my old Acer laptop the screen is superb. After all Lenovo is a purely China brand...

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