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Different colors of stars "usually" means different temperatures. I don't remember the temperature that each color corresponds with, but when stars are different colors it is usually due to their temperature.

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What is the colour of ursa major?

Ursa major is not a star, but a constellation. It therefore has stars of different colors.Ursa major is not a star, but a constellation. It therefore has stars of different colors.Ursa major is not a star, but a constellation. It therefore has stars of different colors.Ursa major is not a star, but a constellation. It therefore has stars of different colors.

What do different colors mean?

what do different colors mean

Can stars be different colors?


How do astronomers know howhot a star is?

Astronomers can tell how hot a star is by the stars color. Different colors mean different elements that burn and frequencies which is the pressures in the stars.

Why are seastars different colors?

well sea stars are different colors so they can sea who are its family members

Why are stars different colors?

Stars have different colors, mainly because they have different temperatures.

What are the different color of stars?

The different colors of stars include white, blue, red, red orange, orange, and yellow.

What do stars have different colors?

Common colors include red, orange, yellow, white, blue.

How do galaxies get their color and how are they formed?

they get their colors by the different stars in the galaxy

What does blue and red colors of stars when looking from afar mean?

Blue stars are hot. Red stars are cool.

Why do most stars appear the same color in the sky from earth?

Stars come in different colors, but at low intensities, our eyes can't distinguish colors.

How are stars different colors?

At different stages in their life cycles they have different temperatures and radiate different visible wavelengths.

Can stars have different colors?

Stars do have different colours. If you look carefully, you will see that there are differences between the colours of stars. Some are very different in colour to others, but you will only notice if you look at them carefully.

Do stars change colors?

yes, stars do change colors according to the stars temperature

Why do links on a webpage change colors and what do the different colors mean?

was up

What are the different colors of all the stars?

Stars can range from blue to red depending on temperature and mass, with yellow stars in the middle and white stars on the back end of the spectrum.

Do stars strobe different colors?

Stars do not "strobe" at all. Stars can, however, appear to twinkle and the result may be that they do appear different colors at different times. There's a really great picture comparing a star to the planet Mars at the link in the related links section that shows this extremely well, and even explains why.

What do the colors stripes and stars represent?

the colors were the favorite, the stars were 5000

What do the different colors of the stars mean?

The color of a star indicates its temperature. Blue or white stars are the hottest and smallest. Red or orange stars are the coolest and largest. Stars like our sun with a yellow color are medium in both size and temperature. Generally, the smaller a star is the hotter it is.

What colors are the stars?

these are seems white but natural colours are different like brown grey

What do the different colors mean for each pack of cigarettes?

Different strengths

What do the stars stripes and colors of the American flag mean?

The stars represent the 50 states and the stripes represent the 13 original colonies

What do the hello kitty bow colors mean?

Doesn't mean anything. They are just different colors.

Is the Betelgeuse and Barnard's stars different colors?

Betelgeuse and Barnard's star are both reddish in color.

How do humans see different wavelengths of light?

As different colors.As different colors.As different colors.As different colors.

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