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What do the different symbols on the back of a CD mean?

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βˆ™ 2007-10-31 20:16:54

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AAD means analogue recording straight to cd. ADD means analogue recording remastered in a digital studio then put on cd. DDD means digital recording, this applies to newer artists as analogue studios are no longer used

2007-10-31 20:16:54
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Q: What do the different symbols on the back of a CD mean?
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What does it mean if your CD player says check CD and there's not a CD in there?

it mean there is no CD so make sure there is a CD in there

What's it mean when your cd drive makes a lot of noise?

Different brand and model cd drives make different amounts of noise, and some make a lot of noise.

What CD can be used to burn from computer to play back on CD walkmans?

Cd-R or Cd-RW

What does the CD mean on the periodic table?

Cadmium is Cd, not CD. There is no CD on the periodic table.

Do you put CD in quotation marks?

If you mean CD like CD player, then no.

What does NO CD mean on Audi CD player?

It means there is no disk in the CD player.

What does compilation in music terms mean?

It just means a collection of songs by different artists, drawn from different CD collections.

What does rib CD mean?

You have misheard the words - you mean "rip CD" not "rib CD".If you "rip" a CD then you are making a copy of it onto either another blank CD or some other medium.

What does CD - R mean?


What does CD mean in Roman numerals?

CD = 400

5In computer language what does CD mean?

If by "CD" you mean the disk that you place in your laptop or CD player, it stands for "Compact Disk"

In computer language what CD mean?

CD stands for a Compact Disc.CD can also mean Change Directory when used as a command.

How do different colors appear on CD?

When white light shines on the CD, the light is separated into seven colours, so different colours appear on the CD.

What is the different between the CD-R and CD plus R?

There is no such thing as a CD+R.

What format is a CD bought from a store?

They can come in a few different formats. There is CD+R, CD-R, and CD+RW.

Why does a CD say no disc in the CD player after it was played on a computer?

Sometimes the encoding on a CD is in different formats. It is possible that if it is burned/made on a computer that it will have different encoding that the kind used in CD players.

What does CD mean in CD- ROM?

compact disk

What does Cd mean in chemistry?

Cd is the chemical symbol of cadmium.

Difference between CD and CD ROM?

There are different in those but compact.

Medal of honor allied assault breakthrough CD key?

The CD Key will be on the back of the CD case you purchased.

What is CD mean?

the word CD stands for compact disk often shortened to CD ROM

What does RW in a CD-RW mean?

It means the CD is re-writeable. You can reuse the CD

What songs are on the current in store CD at Old Navy?

i work at an old navy and we just get sent a CD each month with different songs and its hard to know a list of all the songs on the CD unless your standing in the back writing them all down as they play

What makes a CD player read the CD?

When a CD is "burned" or created, an intense laser burns microscopic scratches into the CD. When the CD is "read" later, it is with a less intense laser. The little lens in the CD player shoots this laser up into the CD, and the microscopic scratches refract the laser in different ways. Then, the laser is reflected back to the lens, where there are little sensors which read the way the laser was refracted and turn it into information which you and I can use.

What are the two different forms of a CD -ROM?

The two types of CD-ROM are DVD&CD drives