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The dots are actually modern day letters from the brail alphabet, if i remember correctly. When translated it gives you directions as to how many paces you should walk in specific directions thus opening the tomb where you will find one of the three regis, there are a lot of places you can look that will tell you what it says or will give you a chart so you can figure it our yourself

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What does six dots open three doors mean in Pokemon emerald?

it means 2 dots open each door it a ridol so 2 dots open 1 door 4 dots open 2 doors and 6 dots open 3 doors

What do the yellow dots mean underground in Pokemon pearl?

well the dots mean that there is treasure in that exact are

Who is 138 in Pokemon Emerald?

if you mean which Pokemon is #138 in Pokemon Emerald it is Jiggleypuff in the Hoenn Pokedex or Omanyte if you have the National Pokedex

How do you get to the qonto region in Pokemon Emerald?

If you mean the kanto region, you can't in Pokemon emerald, you are stuck in hoenn.

What do the circles mean in Pokemon emerald?

The circles in Pokemon Emerald are a form of marking and naming the users ' Pokemon. It allows the user to differentiate between Pokemon.

How do you get TM mean look on Pokemon Emerald?

I'm sorry to say but you cannot get TM mean look on Pokemon emerald because it does not exist. Bye

How do you defeat emerald city on Pokemon in Game Boy?

That makes no sense. Do you mean how do you beat Pokemon Emerald for the Game boy?

What does the fisher man mean by you need to time the pulls on your rod to catch bigger Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

when you try to catch a pokemon using your rod it will show some dots. then it will say "oh a bite" when it says that press "A" if it does that several times then you might get a pokemon at least lvl 35. hope this helped :)

Were do you get a rakoiza on Pokemon Pearl?

if you mean rayquaza, you have to migrate it from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or emerald

Which Pokemon can you catch on emerald?

if you mean legendary Pokemon you can catch Groudon,Kyogre,and Rayquaza.

Where to find arxus in Pokemon Emerald?

Do you mean Arceus? If you do, it wasn't a Pokemon in Pokemon until gen four

How many different Pokemon are in Pokemon emerl?

Emerl? If you mean Emerald, there is 387 that you can get by trading (complete the data for every single Pokemon exept sinnoh Pokemon) but idk how many just for emerald.

What Pokemon are in aritey cave Pokemon emerald?

If you mean Artisan Cave, you can only find Smeargle.

Why can't Pokemon migrate in emerald?

I don't know what you mean. All gamboy Pokemon can migrate

Pokemon fire red what do the dots in the ruins mean?

There are old buildings where those dots are... they have nothing in them. Apparently, you have to go to the trainer tower and unlock the tanoby key. Then the unknown Pokemon will appear in the ruins.

Is there a fight area in Pokemon emerald?

Battle Tower, if that's what you mean.

What is the combination to get emerald dragon?

you mean raquaza? look on pokemon walkthroughs.com

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