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If you are taking about the dots on the wall then it's brail. Just use a brail sheet to read it.

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Q: What do the markings on the wall mean in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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What do the signs in celestic cave in Pokemon diamond mean?

They don't really mean anything. It is just markings that have unown on the wall.

How do you get missingno om Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need to have a walkthrough wall cheat and skip getting the starter pokemon.

Where is the girl in wayward cave?

Shes along the right side of the lower left wall after migrating all pokemon from leafgreen to diamond

What is the meaning of valve bridge wall markings?

The bridge wall markings are used to denote the high and low pressure sides of a valve as to protect the valves packing from seeing high pressure.

How do you get the card key in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to the Silph co. and on one of the floors you'll see an opening in the wall & go in it and you'll see a poke'ball with the card key in it.

How do you get past rock tunnel with out flash in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Just stay at the wall of the cave until u reach a ladder, then climb it. keep doing this and you'll eventually get out.

How do you get through mtmoon in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

ok first you have to go left if there is a wall in youre way yill you can go left aganie then go down then left thne keep trying the staris there is about 3 floors you have to get through

Is there a monument where the Berlin Wall was?

TheRe are markings across the city. The gap in the wall, still intact near the O2 has a cool shop.

How do you get past the wall blocking the way to spear piller in Pokemon diamond?

How do jou mean?. on the way there is a wall with a picture of the three Pokemon uxie, mesprite, and azelf. there should be an entrance there to more of the cave, but the picture is blocking it.

What was the First calendar?

It cannot be known. Perhaps markings on a cave wall or tree trunk, counting the days

Gameshark walk through walls cheat for Pokemon ruby?

i do not think there is because every body who said this is how you walk through walls i did all of those and it did not work and because of them I only have a lv 3 Pokemon in Pokemon leafgreen and nothing else! you can look up other stuf but do not look for walk through wall codes.

Where do you find the ruby LeafGreen?

You get the ruby in one island. You have to beat the Elite 4 and have 60+ Pokemon on your Pokedex,then go to 1 island and battle the 2 team rocket guys.Then you enter in the whole on the wall and reach to the end.The ruby will be there.

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