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What do the marks-like the 'D' under the date mean?

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I suppose you're meaning the letter under the date on a coin??? "D" is for Denver, "P" is for Philadelphia. That indicates the mint that stamped the coin. It is also possible to have an "S" for San Francisco, or a "W" for West Point. On older coins you could also have an "O" for New Orleans, a "CC" for Carson City, a "C" for Charlotte, or a "D" for Dahlonega (on early gold coins).

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What does the D mean under the date on the penny?

The "D" indicates the coin was minted in the Denver mint

Where would the D mark on a coin be?

under the date

What does the little d mean on pennies?

"D" under the date on a Lincoln penny denotes it was minted in Denver.What_does_the_D_mean_on_a_US_pennyWhat_does_the_D_mean_on_a_US_penny

What does the date on penny mean?

It's the year that the coin was minted. If you look under the date you can tell where it was minted, too: "D" = Denver Mint "S" = San Francisco No letter = Philadelphia

Is a 1964 penny with 1 letter underneath it a misprint?

If you mean a "D" under the date, it's not an error, it's the Denver mintmark were the coin was made.

What is value of 1941 wheat penny?

does it have a letter under the date?? Yes, D

What does it mean if a dime has a D or a P on it after the date?

D: minted in Denver. P: minted in Philadelphia.

Does the 1972 d silver dollar actually have a d on it?

The mint mark is under the date, and there is no silver in the coin actually the d is above the year.

Where is the D mint mark on a 1945 quarter?

If it has a mintmark its on the reverse under the wreath, it can only be a D or S.

What does D stand for under the date on the penny?

It means that the coin was made at the Denver mint.

How Do You Tell The Difference Between a 1964 p and d Kennedy half?

Look under the date for a P or a D. P=Philadelphia mintage D=Denver mintage

1952 wheat penny with the letter D under the date?

The "D" means it was struck at the Denver Mint and its value is 3 to 10 cents

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How much money is 1 wheat penny?

Not enough information. Post a new question with its date, how worn it is, and whether there is a small S or D under the date.

How do you tell if it is a d penny?

The mint mark on the Lincoln cent is under the date on the obverse of the coin, it can only be a "D" or "S" no other mint marks are used.

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What is the value of 1911 US penny?

Assuming you mean an American cent and not a British penny, its value depends on its condition and mint mark. No mint mark - 25c if worn, $1.25 if moderately worn, $2 if only slightly worn. "D" under the date - $5; $9, $15 "S" under the date - $20, $35, $42.

What does the D mean on a US penny?

A letter D just below the date is the mint mark for Denver.It is called a mintmark, and it signifies where the coin was minted.

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What is value one cent coin 1955 d missed below the year?

July 5, 2009 In 1955 there were 3 US mints in operation. One was in Philadelphia, one in Denver and one in San Francisco. The Denver mint has the letter "D" under the date on the cents made there. The San francisco mint has the letter "S" under the date of the cents made there. The Philadelphia mint does not put a mintmark under the date of cents made there. So if you have a 1955 cent and there is no "D" under the date, then the coin was minted in Philadelphia. These coins are fairly common and even in uncirculated condition they can be bought for about $3. Circulated coins can be bought for as little as 3 to 5 cents each.

What if your 1920 Indian head has a P or D under the date since the mint mark is supposed to be on the back?

That would be a D for Denver, as Philadelphia Buffalo nickels didn't have mint marks.

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How much is a 1912 penny worth in the U.S?

All 1912 wheat pennies are better date coins. The exact value depends on the letter (if any) under the date. If you've got no letter under the date it is worth about $2 in average circulated condition and up to $15+ if uncirculated. If you've got an "S" under the date its worth about $14 in average circulated condition and up to $60+ if uncirculated. If there's a "D" under the date its worth about $8 if circulated and up to $50+ if uncirculated.

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