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By numbers on the car's dashboard where the one at the end constantly changes, you probably mean the odometer. This keeps track of how many drives you have driven. The last number constantly changes for every 1/10th of a mile you have gone.

2015-08-29 22:22:40
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What would be the cause of your dashboard lights not working at night?

Some cars have a knob for the headlights. If this knob is turned left or right when pulled out, it changes the brightness of the dashboard lights from off to full brightness.

What is the name for a cars dashboard?

Answer A car's dashboard, is sometimes known as a HUD, AKA Head Up Display, otherwise, as far as i am aware, a dashboard is a dashboard.

Can a car stereo fry your dashboard?

no but on some cars

What are disvantage of cars?

You have to maintain them constantly.

What does orange spanner signify on a cars dashboard?

Needs a service

How do you play Cars?

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Where is the fuse for the in dash lights?

The fuse box in newer cars, is located in the engine compartment. The fuse box and older cars is located beneath the dashboard. The dashboard light fuse will be in the fuse box.

How do you do a vin lookup for cars?

Vin is present on a metal plate at the driver's side dashboard. it consist of17 numbers which determines the origin, manufacturer, company, year, model, type, engine, etc..

Picture of the dashboard lights of a 2002 BMW?

Pictures of dashboard lights can be found online with an image search. They can also be found in the cars owners manual.

Where is the pollen filter on a 06 zafera?

in must cars is located in the dashboard on the passenger side

Why are there two water pipes going into the dashboard of a subaru legacy?

For the heater core. All cars have them.

Padded dashboards in cars are safer in an accident than non-padded ones because an occupant hitting the dashboard has a?

They are safer because a person hitting the dashboard has a padding.

A cars velocity changes from 20ms to 50ms 1o seconds later what is the cars average acceleration?

To find out an average for anything, you need to take 20 and 50, multiply the two numbers, divide by how many numbers there is, which there is only 2, so it averages to 50ms. I am still in school so I know this is the correct answer

What car does batista own?

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What is the number of passenger cars in the world?

There is no fixed answer since automobiles are constantly being made.

What does the triangular light on the dashboard mean?

I can't speak for all cars, however, in the ones I have owned it pertained to the hazard lights.

How can you locate your cars VIN?

usually if youre looking at the car, it will be in the bottom right on the dashboard of the car, look through the windshield.

What were some changes in transportation in the 19th century?

carridges to cars

How fuel energy changes into heat energy in cars?


What cutural changes America followed the invention of cars?


Do electric cars need oil changes?

Only hybrids need oil changes. Electric cars don't need any oil changes because they don't use oil. The internal combustion engine is replaced by a electronic motor.

What is the total numbers of cars of sultan of Brunei?


Do racing cars have numbers printed on them?

Yes! Of cause they do!

Environmental factors between electric cars and petrol cars?

Internal combustion engines constantly pump out CO2 into the atmosphere and are one of the main leaders in global warming while Electric Cars have Zero Emissions.

What companies are making hybrid cars?

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