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What do the orbits of the earth and moon around the sun look like?

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the earth moves around the sun in elliptical orbits ( may be you call them .. elongated circles)... like moon does to earth, earth too comes twice as close to sun than any other time. thanks

2009-04-20 15:32:05
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Q: What do the orbits of the earth and moon around the sun look like?
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Do stars move like the sun?

Stars don't move at all, not even the sun. The Earth orbits around the sun to make it LOOK like the sun is moving. So no stars move.

What would happen if the axis of the earth is tilted?

The Earth is tilted on it axis as it orbits the sun and that is why we do have seasons.

What does the earth look like in day and night?

Look around you.

How does the sun rise east to west?

Because our planet orbits (spins around) the sun. This means that the position of the sun will look like it changes throughout the day, whereas it is Earth that is actually moving.

Is the moon's orbit around the sun absolutely straight?

The moon orbits the earth, not the sun. If you did draw the path the moon actually follows around the sun it would look very much like a pattern drawn with a SpiroGraph Toy!

What does the earth look like as it goes around the sun?

Earth looks like a sphere - a round ball.

How does the rings look that orbits Neptune?

far away it looks like rock , but close it looks like pieces of ice floating around.

Why does the moon look different as it orbits around earth?

The moon looks different as it orbits the earth because different portions of it are lit up by the sun and visible to the earth. Half of the moon is always lit by the sun, and half is always facing earth, and when those two halves overlap it creates the portion visible to us.

What force causes the planets to move in a circular path around the sun?

The planets move in orbits that are nearly circular but not quite. They are ellipses with small eccentricity, so the orbits look like circles but with the Sun off-centre by a different amount for each planet (2.4 million kilometres for the Earth). The planets are kept in their orbits by the force of gravity from the Sun, which is very massive (330,000 times the mass of the Earth).

What does the orbit of the earth around the sun look like?


What does a satellite travel path look like around the earth i have seen them as a wavy looking line not straight why is this?

an ellipse. the sinewave path on flat maps is because most satellite orbits are inclined/tilted with respect to the earth's axis. so the satellite moves north/south as well as around the earth.

Why does it look like the sun revolves around the earth?

Because the Earth is spinning.It's just like what happens when you spin around.It looks like the room is revolving around you, but you know it's not.

What do the elliptical orbits of planets look like?

"Elliptical" means they look like ellipses.

What does the Earth's path around the moon look like?

The Moon's orbit around the Earth is an ellipse. The Earth doesn't go around the Moon at all.

Does the sun travel across the sky everyday?

That depends on how you look at it. In fact the earth orbits the sun and at the same time spins like a top making it LOOK like the sun travels across the sky. in relation to the solar system the sun stands still and the Earth moves.

How did castles look like in the Battle of Hastings?

Castles in the battle of hastings were made out of Earth and wood because they were cheap to get and they were easy to build. They would look like Earth mounds with wood around them.

What does the path the earth takes around the sun look like?

An oval. An ellipse, actually, which is sort of like an oval.

What does is the earth look like?

Its does is look like round

What does the shield around the earth look like?

It is a slightly blue colour, and it's called the atmosphere.

What would the surface of earth eventually look like if earths plates stopped moving?

the earth will stop moving around its orbit

What does the geocentric model look like?

In the geocentric model the earth is in the middle of everything and the other planets and the sun revolve around earth.

How does the moon look from day to day?

Well it looks the same except for the fact that it changes shape as it continuously orbits Earth.

What does the earth look like when you have summer?

when its summer on earth it doesn't look like nothing but the sun goes hotter and its coming closer to earth.

What do asteroids look like from earth?

they look like bum cheeks

What might the earth look like without convection currents in the mantle?

The earth would look like it did when it formed