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What do the points on a star mean?


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There are many symbols seen in the various Pagan religions, and stars are some of the most popular. But it can be confusing when there are different styles and types to choose from. The number of points can be significant from a numerological point of view. Here are a few of the more common star symbols, along with some background on their meanings. 5 Points - The Pentacle, Pentagram A common symbol amongst Pagans and Wiccans alike, though more often seen with a circle enclosing the star. The number 5 represents the Earth, and the points stand for the 4 elements and our spirit (we are all part of the Earth, after all). The pentacle is often used as an identifying piece of jewelry for Pagans, much like the way Christians wear a crucifix. 6 Points - The Hexagram, Star of David In alchemy, the upright triangle represents fire, and the upside-down triangle is the symbol for water. Together they symbolize the unity of opposites. The hexagram is seen in the Great Seal of Solomon, and this symbol is often used in Ceremonial Magick. It's also a common symbol in Judaism, as there was a 6-pointed star on the shield that David carried to battle Goliath. The number 6 represents balance and beauty. 6 Points - Unicursal Hexagram A variation on the more traditional 6-pointed star above. This symbol is attributed to Aleister Crowley, who redesigned the standard hexagram to create this symbol that could be drawn in one continuous motion (rather than the interlocking triangles). 7 Points - The Septagram, Septacle, Fairy Star This symbol is gaining popularity, though it is still less common that the others mentioned above. The number 7 represents magick and the spiritual realms. It's often associated with Fairies and Elves (hence the name). 8 Points - The Octogram This symbol is more often just called an 8 pointed star, rather than an octogram. 8 represents completeness and the regenerative cycle (also seen in the 8 Sabbats of the Pagan year.) Of course, you can also have stars with more points, and their meanings will be based on the numerological significance of the number. Other examples would be 9 or 12 pointed stars. ==new answer== The star of David with six points represents the five physical senses and the sixth being intuition. One triangle points down and one points up, signifying- as above, so below. It is relative to how the mind works.

Stars in general signify awareness in the conscious mind. This is using the universal language of mind in which we dream and is the code for understanding spiritual works.


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A traditional star has five points. A star of david has six. A star must have at least five points, but can have infinately more. Depends on what you mean by a star. For instance are sun has no corners. But the standard way to draw a star is with 5 corners.

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A star does not have a fixed number of sides as a triangle or quadrilateral does. A star may have five points, six points, or ten points. The number of sides is twice the number of points, so a six-pointed star has 12 sides.

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