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What do the rainforest tribes eat?

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What do the tribes in the rainforest eat?

they hunt for bushmeat and farm

How do tribes survive in the rainforest?

Tribes living in the rainforest climates survive by living off the land. They eat foods they find in the rainforest, they use materials they find in the rainforest to build their homes, and they hunt.

What do tribes eat at Christmas in rainforest?

The same things they eat any other day, as indigenous tribes generally don't celebrate Christian holidays.

How many tribes are there in the Amazon rainforest?

There are over 200 tribes in the Amazon Rainforest

Are rainforest tribes destroying the rainforest?

no because the tribes are helping it by planting seeds and farming.

How many tribes still exist in the rainforest?

Many indigenous tribes still exist in the rainforest.

Where in the world do rainforest tribes live?

In the rainforest duma $$

What are the tribes called in the Amazon rainforest?

what are the main tribes called.

What tribes live in UK?

There aren't tribes in the UK, its not the amazon rainforest!

How do tribes travel in the rainforest?

by foot

What do the tribes in the rainforest drink?


What do tribes drink in the rainforest?


What food do tribes eat in the Amazon rainforest?

They eat: Bananas Sugar cane Feki fruit (seeds used as medicine) Honey Termites Monkey Fish

How do the Amazon rainforest tribes get their food?

They hunt

What do rainforest tribes live in?

mud huts

How many tribes live in the rainforest?

Without being more specific about which rainforest it is not possible to answer

What types of people live in the Amazon rainforest?

There are many tribes that live in the amazon rainforest

What do yanomami rainforest tribes eat?

The Yanomami hunt deer, tapir, monkey and boar ect. They also eat fruit and veg like palm fruit and sweet potatoes.

How do the rainforest tribes get there food?

They spear it, catch it, or farm it

How many tribes remain in the rainforest of Brazil?


What tribes live in amazon rainforest?

poo wee

What do the tribes do in the Amazon?

Tribes live in the Amazon, they hunt and grow their food without harming the rainforest

What do the kayapos eat?

they eat what ever they can find in the rainforest they eat what ever they can find in the rainforest

Name one of the national tribes that lives in Arizona rainforest?

One of the national tribes that live in Arizona rainforest is the Ticuna tribe. They are also called Maguta, Tucuna, Tikuna, or Tukuna tribe. They are the most numerous in the Arizona rainforest.

How have tribes adapted to live in the rainforest?

tribes adapt to living in the rainforest by copying what others do and live there for a long time to adapt into the rainforest they build houses using sticks and dont wear any clothes because it is too hot