What do the red and blue flags mean in slalom ski racing?


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There are no panels (flags) in slalom unless you are talking about paneld slalom, GS (giant slalom), super G or downhill. They do not have a meaning but to tell the racer which gate to ski around next.

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There are many color flags used in F1 racing. Some important flags are: a. Green flag - Start or Restart of a race b. Yellow flag - Caution (Usually in parts of the circuit where accidents have happened) c. Red flag - Race stopped d. Blue flag - To allow overtaking of the following car which is one lap ahead e. Chequered flag - Successful completion of race

Before the yellow and red flags were introduced the flags used to be white and blue. Scuba diving flags are also blue and white. Red and white is a shark flag. I have been on patrol for over 10 years, we have never used a blue and white flag.

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That flag is waved when the winner crosses the line.

It means that you are about to be lapped and need to let the faster car overtake. If a driver fails to let the car pass after three blue flags he is likely to be penalized. They are also shown at the end of the pitlane if a car is approaching on the track, so that the driver exiting the pits knows to be careful.

If you mean contacting with the gates yea

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Your a lapped car, and the leaders are coming so use caution, and get out of the way.

they mean the city that it belongs to

Driver or Drivers, if in a group, should be aware of faster driver(s) catching up to them

Combined is an alpine skiing event. Although not technically a "discipline" of its own, it is sometimes referred to as a fifth alpine discipline, along with downhill, super G, giant slalom, and slalom.

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ARCA stands for Automobile Racing Club of America.

Slang [British/Australian] for running around/being very busy. "I'm racing around like a blue-arsed fly - my plane leaves in 2 hours."

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probably because of what they represent. red is usually the blood suffered, blue is usually loyalty, and white can mean purity, peace, freedom, all kinds of things. hope that helped!! :):)

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In auto racing it means that the race is half way over. If the flag is light blue with a yellow stripe it means that faster cars are coming up so let them pass.

In Nascar, the blue flag with a yellow stripe is shown to slower drivers on the track to let them know that faster cars are approaching. It's telling them that they should move out of the way.

It informs a driver that a faster car or cars are approaching and the driver should allow those cars to pass.

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Because all of their colors mean something.

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