Animal Farm

What do the ribbons represent in Animal Farm?


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The ribbons in Animal Farm represent the "badge of slavery", which means if the animal works hard he or she is rewarded with a ribbon, and is expected to do work better on the farm.


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Animal farm the book represents the Russian 1917 revolution. The animals represent russians. The farm represents Russia.

She wanted to wear ribbons in her mane.

Joseph Stalin was Napoleon in 'Animal Farm.'

Mr Jones represent the opponent to the animal

molly was the horse who ran away from the farm because she wanted her ribbons and sugar cubes

On Animal Farm, she was not allowed to have her ribbons and sugar after the rebellion. She loved those so much that she chose to leave to go to a different farm. She obviously is getting that stuff at her new farm.

Snowball, the character in Animal Farm, is based heavily on Leon Trotsky.

The farm represents Russia and the neighboring farms represent other places, as in Germany and USA/Great BRITAN.

Manor Farm represents Russia after they changed their name from USSR.

Old Major did not represent the czarist government in the book Animal Farm. Old Major represented Karl Marx.

A lump of sugar, ribbons. Alson anything superficial, or shallow, because all Mollie cared about were looks and suger. She wanted to look pretty for the humans.

It represents the Russian Revolution.

The farmhouse represents the kremlin

Them as the farm owners don't represent anybody, but Foxwood represents England and Pinchfield represents Germany.

Animal farm by George Orwell is an analogy of the soviet revolution. whereas napoleon represent Stalin.

The pink ribbons represent Faith's purity. The colour pink in the ribbons is supposed to represent innocence and gaiety.

The executions of the animals represent Stalin's Great Purge.

The animals represent Russians during the Russian Revolution.

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