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The ribbons in Animal Farm represent the "badge of slavery", which means if the animal works hard he or she is rewarded with a ribbon, and is expected to do work better on the farm.

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Q: What do the ribbons represent in Animal Farm?
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What do the pigs green tail ribbons represent in animal farm?

the color of their flag is green

Why do the other animal not want Mollie to display her ribbons in animal farm?

ribbons= clothes=human=bad

What does the animal farm represent in animal farm?

Animal farm the book represents the Russian 1917 revolution. The animals represent russians. The farm represents Russia.

Why did Mollie leave Animal Farm?

She wanted to wear ribbons in her mane.

Who was the mare who liked ribbons and sugar in the book animal farm?


What do the horses' ribbons symbolize in Animal Farm?

it symbolize self expression in the animals..... i hope that helped

Who did Joseph Stalin represent in Animal Farm?

Joseph Stalin was Napoleon in 'Animal Farm.'

What does the animal rebellion represent in Animal Farm?

The Russian revolution

Who was Molly in the book Animal Farm?

molly was the horse who ran away from the farm because she wanted her ribbons and sugar cubes

Why did Mollie desert Animal Farm?

On Animal Farm, she was not allowed to have her ribbons and sugar after the rebellion. She loved those so much that she chose to leave to go to a different farm. She obviously is getting that stuff at her new farm.

What does foxwood represent in Animal Farm?


Who do the dogs represent in Animal Farm?

The KGB.

Who does Fredrick represent in Animal Farm?


Who does the hens represent in Animal Farm?


What do the geese in Animal Farm represent?


Who did Frederick represent in Animal Farm?


What does the farm represent in the book Animal Farm?

The farm represents Russia and the neighboring farms represent other places, as in Germany and USA/Great BRITAN.

Who does Mr Jones in Animal Farm represent?

the zsar

Who do the animals represent in Animal Farm?

Communists or Marxists

What does snowball represent in Animal Farm?

Leon Trotsky

Objects that represent MrJones from animal farm?

he was a dunk

Who does mollie represent in Animal Farm?

the upper class.

Who does Mr Frederick represent in Animal Farm?


Who Does Jesse the dog Represent in Animal Farm?


Who snowball represent in Animal Farm?

leon trotsky