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Q: What do the sixties reveal about Americas quest to define itself as modern world superpower?
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Define in it of itself?

The correct phrase is "in and of itself" which means "considered alone"

Does dance define culture or define itself?

Dance defines culture as well as itself. But the very important is culture- it presents our culture and our custom too.

How did US defeat the World Superpower?

In the World War 2 period there was no one power that could be called "the World Superpower" so the US did not defeat it. At present some call the US "the World Superpower." Whether that is a valid description or not is a matter of opinion, but even if true it is still not possible for the US to defeat itself so the US has never defeated "the World Superpower."

Define an indempotent matrix?

The phrase "idempotent matrix" is an algebraic term. It is defined as a matrix that equals itself when multiplied by itself.

How would you define the word orbit?

path that repeats itself and never ends

Every society group of people on Earth tends to define itself in part by?

who it is not.

Every society or group of people on Earth tends to define itself in part by?

who it is not.

How did the us become a world superpower?

The USA became a superpower in World War 2 when it was able to demonstrate its ability to protect itself, help others to eliminate the enemies of the world and when many of its armaments had superiority and supremacy. As the Cold War with the USSR progressed, the USA was able to achieve more superiority. It still has military superiority, but is no longer the only superpower in the economic realm.

How would you define automotive?

Automotive means containing within itself the means or propulsion or movement.

Who advised president Monroe that the US should speak boldly for itself on its policy in the Americas?

Alexander Hamilton

How would one define the word described?

It is difficult to define the word described as it is a descriptive word itself. The best way to try to define it is to give an account of words that include all the relevant qualities, events and characteristics.

Define and give an example of an idiom?

A speech form or an expression of a given language that is peculiar to itself grammatically

Define the term prime number?

A no: which cannot be divided by any no: other than 1 and the no itself is a prime no

How would you define sun and sands sports in one sentence?

from the word itself sun and sand its nature

What is define prime number?

A prime is a whole number divisible by itself and 1, and no other whole number.

How can you define null statement in loop in C programming?

If you are using for loop for(;;); or you can also define condition and iterations but the loop has to close there itself without any statement inside it. In the similar way you can define while and do while loop without any statement.

How do you define multiply?

grow in number The total of the first number added to itself as many times as the second number.

Can law be define within law?

Yes, law can be defined within law. The law states rules and regulations, thus defining itself. Take a person for example. You can define who they are by what they project and their personality.

Define renewable resources?

Any natural resource that can replenish itself naturally over time, as wood or solar energy.

How would you define base of a power in math?

Let's say X is the exponent. The base is multiplied by itself X times.

Define isotonic solution?

it means when the celll breaks down your body itself is able to reproduce more living cells in the body

Can you always write the equation of a line if you know one point on the line?

You cannot define a line with a single point (a single point only defines itself). You need two points to define a line (and therefore to write the equation for it).

Why do you need a written constitution?

There are innumerable benefits for a nation to have a written constitution. Here are some of the major ones: The constitution will define what powers the government has. The constitution will define all the rights of its citizens. The constitution will explain how to make changes to itself.

What is the answer for the triangle 12 cm?

It depends on two things. First, one length, by itself, does not define a triangle. And second, it depends on what the question about the triangle is!

Is there any country in the world where there is no law?

I think the closest to meeting this criteria is Antarctica. Doesn't even have enough people to define itself as a country.