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What do the soccer positions do?

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11 players from one team can play on the field at one time in a variety of positions.

Main Positions:

Forward/Stiker-offense (postioned at the half line most of the time and stay up in front of everyone) . A forward usaually scores most of the goals and stays pretty far up on the field. Forwards usually dribble and get the ball down the field and shoot.

Halfback/Midfield-offense/defense (postioned in between the defense and the offense)Halfbacks are the links btwn the defense and the offense and have to play both defense and offense. They usually throw in the balls and help to get the ball to the forward so they can shoot.

Defender/Fullback- defense (positioned in front of the goalkeeper but behind everyone else) It is the their jod to protect the goal and keep opponents from scoring in their goal. They usually clear the ball and get it up to the halfbacks.

Goalie-defense (postioned in the goal and behind everyone) The goalie, or goalkeeper, may use their hands of any part of their body to protect their goal and block shots.

  • striker

optional positions:

Sweeper- defense ( postioned behind the fullbacks) The sweeper main gaol is to help the goalie defend the goal (no hands!!) and keep opponents from getting near enough to the goal to shoot the ball.

Stopper- defense ( positioned between the fullbacks and the halfbacks) The stopper is also protecting the goal and their main job is to "stop" opponents from nearing the goal. Stoppers often clear the ball to the offense. )




Goal keeper


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There are 4 positions in soccer. There are goalies, defense, offense, and mid field [forward].

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the main positions in child soccer is goalie forward mid fielder and defender

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There are 11 positions on a soccer pitch

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The goalkeeper,defender,midfielder and forward are the four basic individual positions in the sport of Football(Soccer).

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The soccer positions are forward, mid field, wing, goal keeper, sweeper, bench and back.

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