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They don't mean anything

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What does a phiten necklaces mean?

They are sport necklaces. they are stress relief necklaces.

What does league mean?

a group of baseball players

What does spiral mean?

A spiral is a winding curve.

What exactly does the verb spiral mean?

it means to move in a spiral shape

Who are the Jewish baseball players?

Do you mean now or in the past? Curious as to why you want to know.

What does 9 P on a B T mean?

9 players on a baseball team

What does an all-county award mean in baseball?

It means that you were one of the best baseball players in the county that year.

Where can you get the necklaces Lauren Graham wore on the show Gilmore girls?

I am guessing you mean the tiny, delicate, barely there necklaces she wears near her throat. You can find these necklaces on Etsy by searching "simple delicate necklace"

In baseball terms what does C mean?

It stands for Captain which is why players such as Jason Varitek wear it.

What does el cuaderno mean?

notebook and or spiral

What does 5 P on a B T mean?

5 = Players in a Basketball Team (USA)players on a basketball team?

What are the forms of DNA?

If you mean forms as in shape, then spiral.

What does it mean when cross necklaces fall off?

That either the chain or the clasp broke.

What the mean of the word Naruto?

naruto is a spiral looking thing one often adds when making ramen (spiral, ramen, get it *wink*)

What does the prefix Helik mean?

Having the form of a helix or spiral.

Is another example of spiral galaxy?

I dont know what you mean

What is the name of the shape of a snail's shell?

Do you mean a spiral? I think you may be referring to Fibonacci numbers and the use of it in nature. Hope this helps!

What does the purple on moon ring mean?

the purple on the moon necklaces means love ♥

Does spiral bound mean no spiral?

What is the opposite of spiral-bound? The adjective spiral-bound typically refers to a book which is bound with a spiral wire. There are no categorical antonyms for spiral bound. However, one could loosely use other types of binding as antonyms, e.g., tape bound, sewn bound, exetera so yahps: go ahead and follow my tik tok @johndavid2014 its cringe right now but it will be perfect on december 30 2020jj perez the actor

Can the word neckwear also mean necklaces additional to ties etc?

of course it does they are both worn on the neck.

What does 925 mean on your rings and necklaces?

It is only on silver and it means it is real or there is a tiny particle of real silver

What major league baseball players collect postage stamps?

Who cares? Besides you I mean. Why on earth would do you care? You need to rethink your life.

What shape is Andromeda?

If you mean the Andromeda galaxy, it's a disk shaped spiral galaxy.

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