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== == == == == == The smaller stars represent the constellation called the Southern Cross, visible and distinctive in Australia and other parts of the Southern Hemisphere, so it relates to Australia's geographic position.

The large star represents the federation of all the Australian states and territories. There are seven points on the large star - one for each state and also one for the territories (Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory). It is referred to as the Star of Federation or the Commonwealth Star.

The Union Jack symbolizes Australia's relationship with Britain as a member of the Commonwealth and also as the parent nation. The British first colonized Australia in 1788 when they established a penal colony at Port Jackson.

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Q: What do the stars and union flag on the Australian flag represent?
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What does the six stars represent on the Australian flag?

the six star is the union jack

What do the stars of the Union 35 stars flag represent?

the stars on the American flag represent the states.

What do stars represent on American flag represent?

The stars on the American flag represent the number of states in the union. There are fifty stars today, there were 13 originally.

What do the stars and the union jack on the Australia flag symbolise?

The stars represent the various Australian states - New South Wales, Western Australia, Northern Territory etc. The Union Flag represents Australia's British heritage.

On the Australian flag what do the five smaller stars represent?

The five smaller stars represent the constellation of the Southern Cross.

How does the Australian flag look like What does it symbolize?

The Australian flag shows a union jack on a blue field with white stars. The union jack represents Australia's British heritage, the Southern Cross Constellation represents Australia's location, and the 7 stars represent the 6 territories and Australia.

What are the stars on the US' flag?

There are 50 stars on the flag thus they represent the fifty states of the Union.

What are the US stars on the flag?

Stars on the United States flag represent each state in the union. New stars have been included over time to represent changes.

Which type of Australian cross is on the Australian flag?

The Union JackThe Union flag is a British flag and consists of several crosses superimposed .There are five stars in the fly that represent the Southern Cross constellation which is prominent in the night sky in the southern hemisphere . It is used widely as a cultural synmbol in Australa

Why were stars chosen to represent the states on the US flag?

The stars on the flag represent the heavens, purity, and goodness and it can stand for a new state that joins the union.

How many stars all together are on the US flag?

There are 50 stars on the US flag. They represent each of the 50 states in the union. There are also 13 stripes on the flag to represent the original 13 states that joined the union.

What do the stars mean on the australian flag?

There are two different sets of stars on the Australian flag. The first solo star represents the commonwealth. The second is a group of stars that represent the Southern Cross Constellation.

What do the 6 stars of the union jack represent?

There are no stars in the union jack. There are three crosses: England's St. George's cross, Scotland's St. Andrew's cross and Ireland's St. Patrick's cross. There are, however, 6 stars on the Australian flag which has a union jack in the top left hand corner. The 5 stars that are on the right side of the flag represent a constellation of stars called the 'Southern Cross'. All of these stars have 6 points which represent the 6 states of Australia. The star on the left hand side of the flag is called Federation star. This is larger and has 7 points which represent Canberra and the Northern Territory.

What do the constellations of stars represent on the Australian Flag?

It is Crux, commonly known as the Southern Cross.

What is the name of the Australia's flag with no stars?

Australia doesn't have a flag with no stars.If you are just referring to general flag that would look like an Australian flag with no stars, it is a Union Jack Ensign with a Navy Background.

What do the stars represent on the US flag?

the stars on the US flag represent the 50 states; there are 50 stars on the flag!!

Where is the point of honor on the US flag?

The blue union where the stars represent the states is the point of honor on the US flag.

What does the union jack symbol represent on the Australian flag?

The union Jack represents Australia's connection to England

What does the cross represent from the New Zealand flag?

The cross on the flag from New Zealand is part of the British Union Jack. This is used to represent the country's British heritage. The stars on the flag represent the southern cross.

How many stars on the Australian flag?

There is 6 stars on the flag!

Why does the flag have stars?

There are stars on the flag for a reason. The reason is that each of the stars on the flag represent a state.

What do the stars on the flag of the US represent?

The stars represent the states

Are there 51 stars in the us flag?

No. There have been many different variations of the US Flag as the stars represent the states that make up the Union, thus every time a new state was added a new flag was made to represent the new stars. The current US Flag has 50 stars (one for each of the 50 states)

What are the stars meaning on the Eureka Stockade?

The stars on the Eureka Stockade Flag represent the Southern Cross. The southern cross represents a constellation of Stars only visible in the Southern Hemisphere. These stars were later incorporated into the Australian Flag.

Which group of five stars appears on the Australian flag?

The constellation of five stars represent the Southern Cross seen only in the southern hemisphere.