Elizabeth I
Symbolism and Symbolic Meanings

What do the symbols mean on elizabeth's rainbow portrait?


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The wings mean she was a messenger for her country.

The serpent represents wisdom.

The eyes and ears mean she saw and heard everything.

A jeweled serpent is entwined along her left arm, and holds from its mouth a heart-shaped ruby. Above its head is a celestial sphere. The serpent symbolizes wisdom; it has captured the ruby, which in turn symbolizes the queen's heart. In other words, the queen's passions are controlled by her wisdom.The pearls sybolised PurityThe ruby's sybolised loveElizabeth's gown is embroidered with English wildflowers, thus allowing the queen to pose in the guise of Astraea, the virginal heroine of classical literature.

the rainbow represents that she is the treasure at the end of the rainbow worth searching for this gave people hope and also comfort that she would bring luck fortune to a poor and hungry country