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What do the symbols on the fuse card represent?

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The components/circuits that the fuse is protecting. best to look in the user manual for full list, sometimes there's not enough room on the card to show all of the protected circuits so the full breakdown will be in the manual.


1 Washer nozzle heaters 10 A

2 Turn signal lights 10 A

3 Fog light relay 5 A

4 License Plate Light 5 A

5 Comfort System, cruise control,

Climatronic, A/C, heated seat control modules 7.5 A

6 Central locking system 5 A

7 Back-up lights, speedometer vehicle speed sensor (VSS) 10 A

8 Open

9 Anti-lock brake system (ABS) 5 A

10 Engine control module (ECM): gasoline engine 10 A

11 Instrument cluster, shift lock solenoid 5 A

12 Data Link Connector (DLC) power supply 7.5 A

13 Brake and tail lights 10 A

14 Interior lights, central locking system 10 A

15 Instrument cluster, transmission control module (TCM) 5 A

16 A/C clutch, after-run coolant pump 10 A

17 Open

18 Headlight high beam, right 10 A

19 Headlight high beam, left 10 A

20 Headlight low beam, right 15 A

21 Headlight low beam, left 15 A

22 Parking lights right, side marker right 5 A

23 Parking lights left, side marker left 5 A

24 Windshield and rear window washer pump,windshield wiper motor 20 A

25 Fresh air blower, Climatronic, A/C 25 A

26 Rear window defogger 25 A

27 Motor for rear windshield wiper 15 A

28 Fuel pump (FP) 15 A

29 Engine control module (ECM): gasoline engine 15 A

29 Engine control module (ECM): diesel engine 10 A

30 Power sunroof control module 20 A

31 Transmission control module (TCM) 20 A

32 Injectors (gasoline engine) 10 A

32 Engine control module (ECM): diesel engine 15 A

33 Headlight washer system 20 A

34 Engine control elements 10 A

35 Open

36 Foglights 15A

37 Terminal (86S) on radio 10 A

38 Central locking system (with power windows), luggage compartment light, remote/fuel tank door, motor to unlock rear lid 15 A

39 Emergency flashers 15A

40 Dual tone horn 20 A

41 Cigarette lighter 10 A

42 Radio 25 A

43 Engine control elements 10 A

44 Heated seats 15 A

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