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The red flag with three golden lions comes from the English coat of arms (seen in the first and fourth quarters of the United Kingdom's coat of arms). They are three lions passant guardant, in heraldic terms. After the Norman conquest of England in 1006, the arms of the House of Normandy were used for England, they consisted of two golden lions on a red field. King Henry II of the House of Plantagenet used, in 1158, the first known arms of an English monarch: one golden lion rampant on a red field (very much a reversal of the current Scottish standard and coat of arms. King Richard I (often referred to as Richard the Lionheart), Henry's son, decided to use his personal arms for England: two golden lions rampant on a red field, however by the end of his life he was using three lions passant on a red field--the current English arms. The origin of the third lion is unclear, some say it was to represent the Anglo-Norman empire, other say it was to represent the single leopard of Aquitaine, and other still maintain that there was no fixed number and three was eventually just settled on. These arms would be used relatively constantly to represent England, often including other arms to represent other territories, such as the French arms to represent the claim of the English monarch to the French crown. The lions and the term lions can still be seen today in an assortment of places other than the United Kingdom coat of arms. It is also used in the arms and royal standard (flag of the monarch) in many Commonwealth nations. It is seen in the logos for the English national football team (where "Three Lions" is also the nickname), the national cricket team, and the Great Britain Rugby league team. It's also the nickname of said Great Britain team and also the English rugby league team. It is not, however, used as a logo or nickname for the English rugby union team where a red rose is used.

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Why fly three lions flag?

The flag with three lions is an English standard flag. This flag shows three lions which are entirely made up of gold, are looking forward and in walking position with foreleg raised.

What does the red and blue stand for in the English flag?

There is no blue on the English flag

What do the colors of the flag of Luxembourg mean?

The three colours that make up the Luxembourg flag consist of red, white, and blue. These colours each stand for a part in luxembourgs rich history. The red stands for a lion, and the blue and white stand for the lions field.

What do the three stars on the Tennessee flag stand for?

The three stars on the Tennessee flag stand for the three Grand Divisions of the state. The state is divided into Middle, East, and West Tennessee.

What do the three stars stand for on the Arkansas state flag?

they stand for your ugly face

What do the three colours on the Iranian flag stand for?

Green White Red

Which flag is red with two lions?

The flag of Normandy.

On the Romanian flag what do the colors stand for?

The colours stand for the three historical provinces of Romania. (Transylvannia , Moldova and Vallahia)

What is the national emblem of United Kingdom?

The emblem on the English sports jerseys are the three lions on the pockets. there are no difinitive emblems to represent the United Kingdom other than the UK flag (UNION JACK) ... Scotland is represented by The Saltire or The Rampant Lion, England by The Three Lions, Wales by the Welsh Dragon and NI by The Red Hand Of Ulster.

Prefix to a flag?

can u give me the answer for prefix to a flag? also 3-pronged spear, a musical group, three-legged stand

What does the red stand for in the united kingdom flag?

The Union Flag is a combination of the flags of England, Scotland and Ireland (as was). The red part is from the English flag and represents the cross of St. George.

Why are there ten roses on the England football badge?

The flag is a plain white field with the traditional English Three Lions (King Richard's) and ten red-white roses (of the Lancaster-York peace in the XVth Century).

What flag has purple?

The flag of Leon - a subset of Spain has Purple Lions on it.

What do the three stars on the Philippine flag stand for?

They represent the geographical areas of Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao.The three stars in the Philippine flag represent the three island groupings in the country--Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

What do the grape vines stand for on the Connecticut state flag?

The grape vines stand for the three colonies that united to make the Connecticut colony.

What does the yellow stand for on the sweden flag?

It seems to only represent the three crowns on the coat of arms.

What do the colors in the bennington flag stand for?

The Bennington flag has three colors. Blue stands for the mountains, white stands for ice, and red stands for fire.

What do the colors in the Texas Flag stand for?

There are three colors in the Texas state flag. The blue stands for loyalty, the red stands for bravery, and the white for purity.

What animal is on the flag?

Obviously we have the lions for england ,

What is the emblem of England?

The Coat of Arms (three lions), the Tudor rose and the flag (St. George's cross) are sometimes used as emblems.

How many lions are depicted on the royal standard?

Are you talking about the flag of the French kings? None. The French monarchy used either a white or blue flag covered with fleur-de-lis. Earlier French kings used only three fleur-de-lis but later kings used a field of fleur-de-lis. The United Kingdom has a total of four lions on its Royal Standard: three from the English Coat of Arms, and one from the Scottish Coat of Arms.

What do the colors on the Utah state flag stand for?

What do the colors on the Utah State Flag stand for?

What do the stripes stand for on a flag?

There are 13 stripes on the flag that stand for the original 13 colonies.

Why has the isle of man flag got two legs?

The Isle of Man flag has three legs. Answer The three legs on the Isle of Man Coat of Arms is called a triskelion, And the motto is "whithersoever you throw it, it will stand".

What does the white part of the Nigerian flag stand for?

The white part of Nigerian flag stand for peaces