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What do they hunt in Switzerland?

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Deer is hunted in Switzerland. There are other hunted animals too, but the hunting seasons are very strict and places to hunt are somewhat limited.

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Name of mythical archer?

robin hood William Tell is a folk hero of Switzerland Diana was the goddess of the hunt

What European country uses Helvetian?


Where is oberwill Switzerland?

Basel, Switzerland (NNW Switzerland)

Are there Republicans in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a republic. By definition there are republicans in Switzerland.

How many cities does Switzerland have?

Switzerland has 133 places in all of Switzerland!

What bay is in Switzerland?

There are no bays in Switzerland. Switzerland does not border on any ocean.

Does Liechtenstein surround Switzerland?

Liechtenstein has a border with Switzerland, but it does not surround Switzerland.

What nations are within Switzerland?

There are no nations within Switzerland, Switzerland is a nation.

Is Switzerland a country?

Yes, Switzerland is a country.Yes, Switzerland is a country in Europe.

Is France in Switzerland?

No, both France and Switzerland are European countries, France is not in Switzerland.

When did Switzerland become a state?

Switzerland is not a state, it is a country, Switzerland was founded in 1291.

Where is Geneva located in Switzerland?

Switzerland is the westernmost city in Switzerland, and borders on France.

Does Switzerland have a king and queen?

No, Switzerland is and always has been a republic. Switzerland has a president.

How many main counties does Switzerland have?

Switzerland does not have counties. There are 26 cantons in Switzerland

What contintinent is Switzerland on?

Switzerland is in Europe.

Is there is not army in Switzerland?

Switzerland does have an army.

What deserts do they have in Switzerland?

There are no deserts in Switzerland.

Does Switzerland have royalty?

No, Switzerland is a republic.

What country uses its Latin name Helvetia on its stamps?

Switzerland. Switzerland - official name: CH, confoederatio helvetica Switzerland Switzerland

Is the country inland located in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a country. There are no countries located "inland" of Switzerland.

Which countries were considered enemies of Switzerland?

No countries are enemies of Switzerland. Switzerland is strictly neutral.

Switzerland there is metrobank?

There is a metro bank in Switzerland. This is a place to send money from Switzerland to Philippines.

Landforms of Switzerland?

In Switzerland you have Mount Matterhorn.

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