What do thirty percent of women do on a first date?

You can't put percentages on this one because each woman is different. * Some are shy and uncomfortable * Some are quiet and let you do all the talking * Some never shut up and don't let you get a word in edge wise. * Some are vane * Some have low self esteem * Some are fearful of having sex and getting pregnant * Some want sex immediately * Some women want to be wooed with flowers, dinners, etc. * Some women want jewelry and could be gold diggers. All the above makes each woman an individual and you have to decide which type is for you. Sex is always high on the list, but you stand to lose a lot if the girl is coming on too strong. These are but a few. It's confusing I am sure, but you can generally tell what a woman is all about by the third date and decide if she is the one for you.