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What do tropical fish eat?

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I have tropical fish and i feed them fish food which says on the label 'tropical fish'.

But tropical fish that live in the ocean eat either other smaller fish or worms, really anything they can find.
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Can a betta fish eat tropical fish flakes?

It might be able to eat tropical fish flakes

Can goldfish be in a heated tank with tropical fish?

No, the tropical fish will probably eat it

What do tropical fish eat in the wild?

Tropical fish would eat plankton and tiny particles of fish and seaweed floating in the wild. Tropical fish are not very large and will not ingest large particles.

When do tropical fish like to eat?

Tropical fish likes to eat 2 times a day,morning and night.

Tropical fish diet?

Most Tropical Fish will eat the regular tropical fish flakes you can buy at any pet-store.

What do wild tropical fish eat?

Wild tropical fish will eat a great many things including aquatic plants. These fish might also choose to eat other fish.

What is a typical diet for tropical fish?

The typical diet for tropical fish is assorted fish food. Tropical fish can eat fish pellets, dried worms, and more.

What do tropilcal fish eat?

Tropical fish eat lettuce tropical food you can get at wal-mart for a cheap price and on the label it will say tropical fish food.No LettuceNo BreadNo Worms

Can saltwater fish eat fresh water flake food?

no saltwtr fish eat saltwtr food tropical fish eat tropical food fresh watr fish eat fresh watr food

Do all tropical fish eat baby fish?

Most fish, tropical or not, will eat smaller fish if the opportunity arises; there are very few strictly herbivorous fishes.

Do molly fish eat tropical flakes?

Well if you consider that mollies are tropical fish... then tropical fish food (Flakes) are good yes.

Can tropical fish eat fruit?

No. Anyways, how can a tropical fish eat fruit? It lives in water. They usually eat underwater plants and smaller organisms.

Can tropical fish eat cucumber?


Do tropical fish eat coral?


What fish eat tropical craps?

No fish eats poo.

Can all tropical fish eat cucumber?

Simple answer is NO!.Many tropical fish are insectivores and others are carnivores so Cucumber is not edible to many tropical fish.

Can goldfish eat tropical fish food?

yesYes, they can. Goldfish can eat tropical fish food my Goldfish loves it! Except catfish need those tablet food they CANNOT eat tropical fish food! hope this helps XD

What kind of fish food do tropical fish eat?

they eat different kinds of saltwater fish food.if you have different fish then on the cover make shore it says on the fish food bottle says for all tropical fish.

What do guppys eat?

tropical fish food

What does a swordtail eat?

Tropical fish flakes

Do tropical fish eat plankton?

that is what theyeat

Do fish eat ants?

Some tropical fish (such as angelfish) do eat insects, but you should not feed them to a betta fish

What kind of fish eat tropical flakes?

well Tropicaal fish eat those flakes

Can marine fish eat tropical fish food?

Yes it can From Chris

Do tropical catfish eat other fish?

Catfish will anything it can catch. The catfish does not have to be tropical to eat other fish. Catfish in general will eat anything that will fit in it's mouth.

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