What do violent video games do to kids?

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Video games don't do anything to kids. I've been playing mortal combat since I was 6 years old, I'm not slamming anybody on the ground or ripping anybody's head off. If you think games are going to make your child act violent, you mind as well stop them from watching TV and take them outta school. They're sure to see violence at school and on TV. Violence has been all around the world way before video games. Like before World War 1 there was violence.

So violent video games don't do anything to your child.

More proof- I played GTA when I was three. Now I'm 12 and I haven't hijacked a car or killed anyone. The moral of the story is video games do nothing to the kid except make them happier (unless it's a horrible game. In that case they will either be sad, disappointed, or angry).
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Should kids be allowed to play violent video games?

Everyone has a different opinion. However from a moral standpoint they shouldn't, but it is really down to the parents, to decide whether the child is mature enough to understand that its just a game and shouldn't be emulated! - Yami Phill

Are violent video games good for kids?

Violent video games are definitely NOT good for kids under 14 years. As a matter of fact, studies show that when children play a game or even watch a television show that has violence portrayed in it, their aggressive behavior strengthens. From birth on, a child's brain is designed to learn from eve ( Full Answer )

What are the pros on violent video games?

The U.S. military has found them of use in desensitizing soldiers to the killing of humans. After extended sessions of killing humans in video games, there is less qualms about doing it for real. That answer may sound opinionated or biased, but as a veteran, I can assure you that it is an actual an ( Full Answer )

What percent of video games are violent?

Well, the majority of PlayStation and Xbox games are all violent unfortunately and seem to be only suitable for male teenagers. But Nintendo games are praised for their non-violent appeal. For kids and those soft at heart, Nintendo games are the way to go. For teenagers, anything but Nintendo. That ( Full Answer )

What is the most Violent video Game?

Here are some of the most violent, bloody video games for children above age 12! Gears of War Gears of War 2 God of War God of War 2 God of war 3 Scarface All Grand Theft Autos Fallout Fallout II Fallout III Fallout New Vegas *Dead Space *Dead ( Full Answer )

Do video games promote violents?

Only if it is a video game about violence. If it isn't than it does not promote violence. The graphics also have something to do with it. On PS3 the graphics are sooo amazing that a Rated M game about violence would be hypnotizing. It also depends on whose playing it.

Why should there be violent video games?

People enjoy playing them, therefore the major gaming companies can make a higher profit. . . In actuality as you get older, your interests change as do your hormones. You begin to despise cute and cuddly things like unicorns and kittens, and develop a need for speed, violence, and blood. Video g ( Full Answer )

Do kids behave bad by playing violent video games?

There is a lot of controversy on this subjects. Many studies say that it does, many say that it doesn't. There is not a definitive answer yet and no consensus in the medical society. it actualy is a definete da

Are violent video games bad for kids 12-13 Do they affect behavior?

Yes, they do affect behavior. Truthfully I am a kid myself and I know one boy that gets himself into a lot of trouble and most of it is probably from violent video games and bad TV. So if your child is playing violent video games or watching bad TV, make them stop because if we stop putting violence ( Full Answer )

Why Violent video game banning?

some study's have proven that games have made kids more violent. while there some truth to this people have taken this to an extreme. some belive that games need to be restricted and watched by the government because parents can take care of there own kids. the games that are most often brought up ( Full Answer )

How many violent video games are there?

Theres WAY to may to count. But i guess I would estimate around 1 billion.There's a lot of violent video-games nowadays, that's why there isa rating system for video games, so you don't have to deal with thevulgar language or violence that's included in the game.

Why dont video games make kids violent?

Because when you play a game you actually enter a different zone, it's kind of like a bubble where only you and the game exist and you and the game can only exist in that bubble while you are playing the game, when you turn the game off, you leave the game and enter reality.

What happens when kids play violent video games?

It depends on the child. Some children can play violent video games and, over time, become affected by it displaying violent behaviors. Violent video games might have no effect on children as well. It depends on the child and what kind of parents the child have.

What was the first violent video game?

It depends on what you think is violent. The first video game to ever be created was a simple arcade game known as space invaders created in Japan. In the game, you shoot aliens advancing on your ship. I think tat was the first violent video game. YEA PS3! in a more modern time the first two MAJOR ( Full Answer )

Does violent video games make kids aggressive?

yes and no in some caseses but most of the time no they dont ive been playing games since i was 4 and i am not aggressive in fact most games tech morals to only use when needed

Why do kids enjoy violent video games?

The superficial answer would be that violent video games are exciting. For a deeper psychological analysis I can tell you that kids are trying to learn about the world that they are living in, and trying to prepare themselves for adulthood and to become adults. They see that violence is of fundame ( Full Answer )

Who agrees with violent video games?

i think video gun games are violent because it could corrupt peoples mind like when dylan kledbold eric harris opening fire at colarado high school killing 13-20 people

Do violent video games affect kids?

Violent video games provide a window for children to vent. If children didn't have video games like Grand Theft Auto, they wouldn't know the consequences of stealing a car, or beating up a hooker. If I have played it in a video game, I probably wouldn't want to do it In real life.

Can violent video games be dangerous?

Can Violent Games Be Dangerous.... I Actually think not. To my opinion this is not true to others it will be, but what makes a dangerous game dangerous? Its not reality its fictional. There's a difference between the two. Here there are rules ( reality ) which we know and live by, and the games don' ( Full Answer )

What are names of violent video games?

It depends on the degree of conflict and action you would call violence. By popular opinion the game Manhunt is generally considered to be one of the most violent. Others would include any fighting game (Soul Calibur, Tekken, Street fighter), and most of the top selling games such as Grand Theft Aut ( Full Answer )

Do violent video games cause violent bahavior?

It has been known that violent video games can reflect on people's lives, mostly children. When children see something that they think is cool, they're going to act it out. Acting out something from a violent video game can get a child in throuble at school and at home. However, older people, such a ( Full Answer )

What are some violent video games?

Kane and lych def jam halo (all games) blitz the league Cod black ops (Anything from treyarch) All GTA games residentevil (all games) Flappy bird Mortal kombat Super smash bros the last of us the walking dead doom counter strike (online and video game) halo (all games Manhunt All zombie games fear ( ( Full Answer )

Can kids be influenced be violent video game?

i would say not really. if the child actually has a parent who is active in their lives and the child knows what would happen if he acted out then he would have a extrodinarally less chance of acting out with it. I am one of thoes people, i mainly use violent video games as a way to relive stress ( Full Answer )

Do video game are violent in australia.why?

Video Games are less violent in a sense in Australia, as their rating system's highest level is for 15 year olds, as opposed to the ESRB's rating system that contains M for 18 and above. So if a game is seen to be to graphic for 15 year olds it cannot be published there. A recent contravircy there w ( Full Answer )

What else does violent video games do?

Well it really depends on the game, some games have just hand to hand violence. But others have shooting, they can also have cursing in them. In most games you can turn the cursing and gore off.

Are video games too violent for kids?

Some are, but it depends how old are the children and what game it is. Ts is 1 - club penguin If the child is about 9 then they should be plaing games to maximun extent of 12 rated games but parents are different and they have different restrictions but games like call of duty black ops is not a ( Full Answer )

What are violent video games?

often they are games that contain things like shooting, knifing, killing and sometimes substance abuse.

Are violent video games safe?

No. They are not. I can't stop playing them. They are too fun, but they are horrible for your brain. It desensitizes you so if something like that shall ever happen, God willing, then you will not react normal to the situation. I recommend no. Especially Black Ops, Bioshock, man. Those are not the g ( Full Answer )

Are violent video games bad for kids?

it depends on whether or not they are disciplined. i have a nephew that is not very well disciplined and he plays violent video games and seems to be violent quite often. i have another nephew that is disciplined that plays violent video games and is a well behaved child. it might also depends ( Full Answer )

Do violent video games cause children to bo violent?

Yes. Research going back over 20 years has shown that children exposed to violence react in violent ways. The input of a video game makes it more real and the younger the child playing it the more real it seems to the child. A child under 7 years old can not tell the difference between what is real ( Full Answer )

Do video games make kids more violent?

Not all video games some do educational games would be the best choice for children. Shooting games would make kids violent though. I suggest you choose educational.

Why do parents buy there kids violent video games?

Some parents dont care what their kids play, some parents dont want their kids to rebel agents them so they let them do what ever they want, and some parents want their kids to do that hopping they the kid knows it is wrong and wont do it in real life. ---OR SOME PARENTS ARE JUST NORMAL! and buy it ( Full Answer )

How are video games violent?

most games that are made have some sort of violence. they range from comical to utter carnage. the rateing on the games give an idea what that game has they range E to AO E (everyone) has little to no violence in them, these games are made for family and younger kids (Spyro the dragon, Pac-man) T ( Full Answer )

Should kids play violent video games?

Depends, If they are 13+ yes, if they are younger it depends if they are well-behaved, good in school, and are not a spas around violence

How many hours per day do kids play violent video games?

I for one am twelve years old and play shockingly violent video games in the morning, the afternoon and the evening. At night, I go out and stalk random people. I follow them into their homes and hide in their bathrooms, and wait till they have to take a shower. And when they least expect it, I open ( Full Answer )

How can you prevent violent video games?

In a free country, you can't. You can prevent violent games by not buying or playing them. You, as 1, cannot stop the gaming industry from creating violent games. The gaming industry is the biggest selling product yet, higher than DVD products. So for you to stop violent video games, you will need ( Full Answer )

How does violent video games cause violent behaivor?

They simply don't cause violent behavior. No evidence proves a link between violent video games and violent behavior. Video games are mainly used for stress release and entertainment, so if anything, they prevent violent behavior.

Is a kid playing violent video game illegal?

No. The games have age-ratings for a reason, though. If you are young and attempt to purchase a 18+ game, then the store may refuse to sell it to you. But no, it is not illegal to play them.

Are violent video games appropriate?

as long as your over 12 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Many people think that they are inappropriate and unnecessary.

How long can kid play violent video games?

there really isnt a decided time...... I would say a few hours at a time so he doesent become 100% addicted, to the game. Be sure to just make sure, that he/or she does not start getting the language off of the games, and now with all the saftey in the united states, you can get kicked out of school ( Full Answer )

What percentage of kids who play violent video games get addicted?

Probably over 65%. Most kids these days play video games (this includes violent ones) all day, unless they have school, so that makes the percentage a lot higher. I personally think two hours a day is the most kids should play video games, but others may think differently. Hope I helped! :)

Does video games make kids violent?

Yes! Well, I guess it depends on the game. If the game has like shooting an killing people then definitely, but if there is nothing violent about the game then you should have any worries. I hope that helped!