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metal rusts when exposed to water and oxygen

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Beryllium is the only alkaline metal that reacts to oxygen but not to water. The hydrogen in water stabilizes the reaction.

Yes, oxygen is in water. Water and metal create rust.

For example uranium react with oxygen but not with water.

A metal that does not react to acid, oxygen or water does not exist.

The compound water, H2O is made of hydrogen and oxygen, both non-metals.

The oxygen in the water reacts with the metal in the nail - forming metal oxide (rust)

Magnesium burns brightly with oxygen, but does not react to water.

metal+water= hydrogen+ metal hydroxide metal+ oxygen= metal oxide metal+ acid= hydrogen+ salt

alkali metal + oxygen --> metal oxide metal oxide + water--> metal hydroxide metal hydroxides are strong alkalis, corrosive pH=14

The reaction is between the oxygen and the iron. The water (especially if it is salt water) allows electrical currents to form that speed up the reaction.

Yes. It is the bounding of oxygen with the metal that causes oxidation.

When metals react with oxygen they produce metal oxides. A common example would be that of Iron which in the presence of oxygen and water form rust (a mixture of metal oxides and metal hydroxides)

metal + acid -> salt + water metal + oxygen -> metal oxide metal oxide + acid -> salt + water metal + water -> metal hydroxide + hydrogen Metal + Steam -> Metal Oxide + Hydrogen Metal + Acid -> Metal salt + Hydrogen

In chemistry, the terms metal and nonmetal are reserved for elements. Water is a compound of two different elements: hydrogen and oxygen.

because cans are made out metal. metal has a chemical reaction to oxygen. [water has oxygen in it so thats why water rusts when with water] the property of chemical property this is is called reactivity.

No. Burning metal consumes oxygen. Some metals can burn using some oxygen-containing substances instead of free oxygen, such as carbon dioxide or even water.

Water is not an element, but a molecule consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Therefore it is not classified as an element.

Do you breathe metal? Oxygen is a gas, not metal.

Metal rusts because of a chemical reaction between oxygen and metal. This chemical reaction can be sped up in water.

Step 1: metal + oxygen -> metal oxide Step 2: metal oxide + water -> base

iron will rust under water due to the oxygen dissovled in the water

Metal+oxygen=metal oxide? im not sure but i think thats the right answer, or it could be metal+water=metal hydroxide+ hydrogen

steel rusts faster in salt water because there is more oxygen in salt water then in fresh, so if the oxygen stays in long-term contact with the metal it causes it to rust. as for fresh tap water doesn't contain as much oxygen which is harder for the metal to rust as fast

Oxygen is one of the non-metal elements.