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What do wax moths eat?

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Wax Moths eat Oranges, pineapple, and bird food. It is clinicly Proven that wax moths ar ethe moths that eat pretty much everythig! Does that help?

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Do wax worms come from wax moths?

Yes, they are the larva of the wax moth.

What can chamilions eat besides crickets?

They're insectivores so they eat wax worms, meal worms, super worms, flies, moths, and grasshoppers.

What do baby moths eat?

Baby moths eat wood and grown-up moths eat cotton

Do moths eat spiders?

No. Spiders eat moths.

How do Luna moths eat?

they do not eat because they have no moths

What do tiger moths eat?

tiger moths ,(,like most moths ,adult moths) drink nectar ,baby moths eat clothes.

What does the Cape dwarf chameleon eat?

Adult Crickets, Locusts, Mealworms, Superworms, Zoophobias, Waxworms, Wax Moths, or Pinky Mice

Can Moths Eat Leaves?

yes moths can eat leaves

What do brown moths eat?

Brown moths eat nectar.

Do moths eat people?

No, bats do eat moths though.

What do flying moths eat?

flying moths eat bugs.

Do moths eat grubs?

Moths don't eat grubs.

What do moths eat and what eats a moth?

Moths eat nectar and other fluids. Bats, birds and spiders eat moths

What insects do moths eat?

Moths do not eat any insects! they eat silk only!

What do Moon Moths eat?

moon moths do not eat anything they have no mouth.

Do frogs eat moths?

frogs eat insects, such as moths

Do moths eat cotton?

Yes ,some moths eat cotton plant .Moths will only eat cotton if it is blended with an animal fiber.

Does moths eat clothes?

Moths do NOT eat clothes but they like chewing and nibbling them.

Why do you get moths in your closet?

Because moths eat clothes.That's usually what they mostly eat.

Do all moths eat clothes?

No, different moths eat different things.

Do any moths eat clothes?

No they do not, moth larve eat clothes but adult moths eat nothing.

Can you eat the bottles of wax candy?

you can.. but why would you want to eat wax ?

Do moths eat grass and leaves?

Moths eat grass and leaves or any plant.

What do brown house moths eat?

brown house moths eat fruit and veg.

Do Luna moths eat nectar?

Luna moths do eat nectar but you will see them eat cloth more often.

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