Apple Juice and Cider

What do we get cider from?

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Cider is made from apples. In the UK the pressed juice is fermented to make an alcoholic drink. In the USA the juice itself is sometimes called cider.

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Regular apple cider does not, but hard cider does.

Cider that has not beel allowed to ferment. When cider ferments, alcohol is formed and the end result is "hard" cider.

Cider is for drinking, vinegar is for cooking and pickling.

Usually fermented apples <><><> Cider is pressed from apples. SOME cider is allowed to ferment, becoming "hard" cider (alcoholic)

Hard cider is apple cider that has fermented with most of the natural sugars turned into alcohol. If the hard cider is infected or innoculated with acetobacter, then the alcohol will be converted to acetic acid, making apple cider vinegar. apple cider vinegar Actually it does not i think

Cider is the correct spelling.

Yes, apple cider vinegar and cider vinegar are the same thing and is made from fermented apples.

=== === Do you mean cider? Stupid? If you did , cider means a drink made from apples. === === Do you mean cider? Stupid? If you did , cider means a drink made from apples.

as apple cider ages it turns to alcoholic apple cider then to apple cider vinegar. So take apple cider leave it out preferable in a cool dark place and wait after a certain amount of weeks you will have apple cider vinegar.

No, the difference is that apple cider (hard) is alcoholic whereas cider vinegar is acidic. No, EWWW

Yes, cider vinegar and apple cider vinegar are the same thing.

Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of apples.

Strong cider, implying that it contains alcohol (6%) is called hard cider.

You probably don't. Apple cider vinegar tastes nothing like apple cider. Vinegar is sour, cider is generally sweet, although some refer to "cider" as a fermented apple juice.

Not necessarily. Generally speaking "cider" as-is is unfiltered apple juice, and likewise with sparkling cider, which is carbonated apple juice. The only usual case where you will see alcoholic cider is when you hear "hard cider".

No, cider is fermented with yeast

Generic cider is saidaa.

No. Cider contains apples.

apple cider vinegar tablets are different to apple cider vinegar because they are tablets

Technically, yes. As apple cider ages, it turns into apple cider vinegar. But you shouldn't substitute them for each other!

Apple cider vinegar is primarily made from apple cider, the alcohol in the cider having been oxidized to produce the vinegar. Apple cider is in turn made from the fermented juice of pressed apples.

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There is no cider in Minecraft unless you have a mod.

Cider with Rosie was created in 1959.

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